Linear actuators have been around for a long time. Since their first development, people have found tons of uses for motors that move along the chosen axis. The number of applications linear actuators have can only be limited by one’s fantasy. From a basic tool to a TV lift, these drivers are everywhere. And, according to statistics, their presence will only continue to grow.

As a result of such an extensive number of ways to utilize this device, more different, task-specific types of actuators have been developed. For example, manufacturing companies have shown some interest in this developing technology, but they needed actuators that would be able to operate with much heavier weights. That’s when high-force linear actuators appeared.

Today, there are hundreds of different models of such actuators. Whether you need one for a business or for your hobby, it would be difficult to find the most suitable one without thorough research. We’ve decided to make this task easier for you and have selected some of the best industrial linear actuators on the market – make your choice right now!

Where Can You Use High Force Linear Actuators?

It is obvious from their name that high-force linear actuators can deal with heavier objects. They are actually capable to output a maximum force of up to 30,000 pounds. What is also important to remember is that electric industrial actuators still remain very accurate in their positioning. Such devices have a number of different uses, both industrial and suited for our everyday life. Some of the more pervasive and interesting examples include:

  • Lumber processing;
  • Metal casting;
  • Car lifting;
  • Cargo loading;
  • Robotics, connected with heavy lifting.

Top 3 Best Industrial Linear Actuators

1. Tolomatic’s RSA-HT Electric Rod Actuators

As with every other company presented here, Tolomatic’s only specialty is linear actuators. They offer a wide range of products. The company even offers pneumatic linear actuators, which are less popular than electric ones right now, but still have their preferable range of uses.

RSA-HT actuators are one of the best industrial actuators Tolomatic can offer. The maximum force these motors can produce is somewhat lower than some of their competitors have shown (around 13,000 lbf or 58,000 Newtons). However, this model compensates it with the amount of customization you can do. Not only can you choose from four different values of stroke length (from 18 to 60 inches), you can even choose the type of the mechanism inside the drive (either ball screw or roller screw).

2. JenaTec’s HD625 Actuators

This JenaTec Actuator model is much more impressive than the Tolomatic’s one in terms of maximum force. It can actually produce up to whopping 177,000 Newtons of force! Furthermore, it is impressively durable. If you don’t plan to load it up to the brim all the time, you can expect it to work for years, if not decades. Of course, it is much more massive and a bit less accurate than other actuators on this list.

3. ProgressiveAutomation’s PA-17 Heavy Duty Actuators

This industrial linear actuator model has the lowest maximum possible load (around 4,000 lbf) among the three. However, it is debatable which device is more powerful, as PA-17 is much faster than the two actuators mentioned above combined!

Another great thing about Progressive Automation is their customer support and the amount of additional helpful tools you can get. This will be very helpful during the installation and even further use of your device, and you will get the best user experience possible.

Final Thoughts

All in all, every specific type of linear actuator has a variety of examples, suitable for different tasks. Before picking the most suitable model for you, write down all the requirements and limitations your project puts on you. This is the best way to narrow down your search and finally pick the best actuator for your needs.

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