For some people, Geocaching may sound like a difficult game but in actual it is very easy to play. This is a popular adventure and fun game for those who are interested in getting out of their homes to hunt for treasure in their neighborhoods.

Many times, passionate geocachers also pay for the latest and greatest device that may improve their experience, like the global positioning system unit (GPS). GPS devices are helpful but you can also go for various other apps if you are an iPhone user. Hence, in this post, we are giving you a list of the 10 best geocaching apps for the iPhone.

10 Best Geocaching Apps for iPhone

1. Geocaching Toolkit iGCT

There are lots of calculations that are involved in geocaching such as translating roman numerals into normal numbers, figuring out distances based on location, and others. So, this Toolkit iGCT helps in reducing some of that work with calculators. It helps in converting minutes, seconds, degrees, geographical coordinates, and more tasks in an efficient manner. This app also lets you decrypt hint text to normal text, circles, and intersect lines. Moreover, this app reminds you that on a telephone dial-pad which letters agree to which numbers.

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2. Geocaching by Groundspeak Inc

Groundspeak Inc is counted amongst the expensive apps in the iTunes store. The price of this app is $9.99 but it is considered to be developed by the experts of geocaching. The main highlights of this app are its user-friendliness, simplicity. It gives its users access to the whole geocache database all across the world. Recently, it has been updated to let users use a Premium Member only feature. This has the ability to access saved searches with up to 500 results, which is highly appreciated.

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3. GeoCaches

GeoCaches is one of the simple geocaching apps mentions in the list. This is an easy-to-use app and does not include many settings, that’s why users find it simple. But due to its simple design and features, this app doesn’t have many customization options. On the map, when you tap a cache then in the pop-up box it displays S, D, T. S stands for Size, D for difficulty, and T for terrain levels. The lower the number will be, the smaller the cache is, or the less problematic it is to catch. For more information, users can tap on the cache and show the logbook, description, and hints available, if any. Besides, as there are not many settings in this app, but then also you can make some changes. This includes show or hides caches that are inactive, show or hide found caches you’ve already found, as well as filter results for S, D, T levels.

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4. Geocaching With Geosphere

Geocaching with Geosphere is an app for those who are already well familiar with geocaching. For this app, you have to pay $7.99 and is very popular amongst its users too. You can use it for importing GPX or LOC files; group, organize, ignore or highlight caches; and show a compass to keep you on right track. While connected to the Internet, if you fire up this app then use it to view video tutorials as well as access satellite images of your environs.

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5. Commander Compass G‪o‬

You can download this app if you want a geocaching adventure that is armed with the basics only. To have this app, you have to pay a little amount of $1.99. In this app, you have to back and forward between the internal compasses of your iPhone. You can also go for a satellite-based GPS version for finding out that on which track you’re going. Furthermore, depending on your choice you can set a display as well for showing a beautiful brass compass, or rubber chicken plate as a directional needle.

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6. Geocaching Buddy

Geocaching Buddy app costs $7.99 and is available to download for iPhone. This application is very popular as it recalls every clue found and is able to calculate any new hint or waypoint when finding the caches. Additionally, it also marks the spot where your car is parked, which is actually very helpful for long walks.

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7. GPS Kit

GPS Kit has numerous handy tools that make it a flawless app for everyday use. It has a personalized dashboard that shows real-time data in metric or imperial units. This app is also well-known for managing an unlimited number of track points and waypoints. Besides, you can have this app by spending $9.99 as it keeps track of data such as average moving speed and stopped time efficiently.

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8. Geopher Lite

Geopher Lite is available for only $1.99. To use this app, you can use the GPS receiver of your phone to determine your location. Then after telling the latitude and longitude of a place where you want to go the Geopher Lite will indicate to you how to get to that location or place.

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# Final Words

iPhones are already equipped with GPS capabilities. But recently there has been a high jump in geocaching apps as well as tools available in the iTunes Store. Many of the apps nicely match with the open-source geocaching apps already obtainable for your computer. Hence, we hope this post regarding the list of geocaching apps for iPhone will surely help you in choosing an app efficiently.