Just as mobiles have become a core feature of photography, mobiles are now a primary component in the global games market.

By the end of this year, global game revenues are set to eclipse $76.7 billion, with games continuing to become a more important part of the mobile experience. It’s been found that almost 15 percent of publishers on the App Store and Google Play are game publishers, 33 percent of all app downloads are games – with games accounting for 74 percent of consumer spending – and that last year, close to one-third of the global population played mobile games.

With more people valuing the gaming capabilities of their phones as much as they do their ability to take and share pictures, many seek the best gaming phones when looking to upgrade. In 2020, mobile gamers are spoiled for choice, with many top-class devices primed for the different aspects of gaming. Whether you want to delve into the most technologically advanced games or want the most seamless gaming experience, these are the best gaming phones that you can get right now.

A report by adjoe and Statista states that mobile game revenue is projected to reach $316B worldwide across the major app stores by 2025. The latest data from 2021 reveals that the rest of the world and China are way ahead of the US and Europe when it comes to mobile game revenue.

iPhone 11 Pro

The introduction trailer for Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro.

Released on September 20, 2019, the iPhone 11 Pro is the latest boundary-pushing release from Apple. As per usual, the iPhone’s mighty camera is the main point of interest for many – boasting a 12MP wide lens and an SL 3D depth sensor – but it also boasts the fastest chip ever built into a smartphone. The A13 Bionic 7-nanometer chip builds on its predecessor, the A12, boasting a 20 percent faster GPU and CPU. As they show in the trailer, the A13 offers the fastest CPU, fastest GPU, a faster neural engine, ML controller, ML accelerators, Core ML 3, and 8.5 billion transistors.

It’s an almighty chip to power one of the best smartphones on the market. The inclusion of the A13 greatly expands the potential capabilities of the iPhone 11 Pro, which undoubtedly coincides with Apple’s remarkably entertaining Apple Arcade subscription service of games. However, users of this iPhone will also be able to experience a higher-grade of gaming in competitive multiplayer battle games.

While PUBG Mobile Lite opened the game up to the developing world, the fully-fledged PUBG Mobile can be enjoyed in all its optimized glory thanks to the A13 chip. Even long-established games can offer a bump in gameplay through the use of the new iPhone. Clash of Clans, for example, continues to increase in earnings each year despite launching in 2012. Part of this is down to its updates, making it an even better game on leading smartphones.

OnePlus 8 Pro

The official launch trailer for the smartphone OnePlus 8 Pro.

As the most recent release on this list, the April 29, 2020 launch of the OnePlus 8 Pro was met with much fanfare primarily due to its revolutionary charging features. Not only is it a sleek-looking smartphone with an edgeless screen and super-fast display, but it also boasts unmatched 30W reverse wireless charging and 30W wireless charging. Prior to its launch, the fastest reverse wireless charging on the market was 10W, provided by the Mi 10.

Offering the fastest wireless charging and reverse wireless charging provides a vast range of useful applications while on the go and out with friends. In gaming, the fast wireless charging means that you can remain immersed in a great adventure for longer, and even help friends to keep on gaming with you too. While most mobile games are designed to keep you playing for a while before slapping down the paywalls, some true gems offer a much more extensive and immersive experience.

Perhaps the most notable of these mobile games to offer extended gaming sessions to buck the trend is Alto’s Odyssey. One of the games from the endless genre, it’s remarkably enjoyable and varied with several characters and a bunch of other gaming mechanics mixed in to make it a unique and long-lasting experience. Then, of course, there’s the time-gobbling game of Ballz. A simple title that involves firing balls at numbered blocks with the aim of clearing the page, it’s so easy to play and satisfying to complete a stage that having speedy charging can come in very handy when playing Ballz.

Samsung Galaxy S10

The launch trailer for the Samsung Galaxy S10 which includes a showcase of mobile gaming.

Considered by most to be the primary premium competitor to whatever Apple has on the market, Samsung continues to build itself up as the best that Android has to offer. Perhaps the most notorious primary feature of Samsung phones has been its display. With the Samsung Galaxy S10, released on March 8, 2019, the company worked from the already stunning Super AMOLED display of the Galaxy S9 to develop the new Dynamic AMOLED display, which features a 3K QuadHD display, 550 pixels per inch, and is HDR10+ compliant.

Along with the more video game-like titles that have soared in popularity with the increased adoption of top-class smartphones, online casino gaming has also seen a tremendous boost. The gaming sector was very quick to adopt portable technology, with even the most demanding graphics or live games becoming mobile-optimized. As the game formats are relatively few in their base form, aspects like visuals and immersion value become integral aspects to those who want to play casino games on their mobile.

Two particularly demanding and immersive titles perfectly showcase how the aspects of the Samsung Galaxy S10 bolster playing some of the new variants of online roulette Canada has released: First Person Lightning Roulette and Live Lightning Roulette. Both very popular games, the First Person variant combines RNG and live casino gaming with superior 3D rendering and animation to offer a fully-immersive experience. Live Lightning Roulette has revolutionized the table game, particularly for mobile players, with the game being playable in real-time with the live stream. Both games are at their best when played on a top-class display that captures every innovative aspect of the action.

Across the board, all three of these smartphones are top class for mobile gaming. However, the iPhone 11 Pro excels for hefty multiplayer games, the OnePlus 8 Pro is great for longevity and convenient charging, and the Samsung Galaxy S10 boasts an almighty display.

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