Own a Mac? Then you must be very familiar with the QuickTime Player. Of course, it is the go-to and the default media player with the Mac OS with very decent performance. But it that’s so, then why are we talking about the Elmedia Player?

Well, if you are using the QuickTime Player, you are well aware of the fact that it lacks at functionalities frequently and also doesn’t have the built-in support for many popular video formats, like the AVI, WMV, etc.

This is the major reason people hunt for an alternative that can offer them such utilities. Here comes the Elmedia Player into the movie.

The Elmedia Player has proved to be very helpful for those who have moved on from the QuickTime Player. The Software is absolutely free along with a Pro version with some added features.

So, let’s evaluate whether Elmedia Player can be the one you settle to or can it not do justice with its name.

Features Of Elmedia Player 

The most important feature that it offers is the file formats that it supports. Mostly, all of the video formats are supported by the player, namely – AVI, MP4, FLV, WMV, M4V, MP3, etc.

Most of the features of the software are absolutely free without the need for getting the pro version.Elmedia Player Review But, with the Pro Version, you can enjoy files on a better experience with streaming them onto Smart TVs, Apple TVs, Chromecast, audio equalizer, AirPlay support, and others. Along with this, you are able to download the videos and extract MP3 from YouTube videos.

Video Quality & Playback

When it comes to the quality of video file, Elmedia Player offers the playback in a smoother and softer manner. However, it also lacks some details.

But, to counter that, there are options for adjustment of brightness, saturation, sharpness, contrast and noise. These options enable a better movie vibe than other players.

Elmedia Player is hardware acceleration friendly, meaning the playback is smooth as silk and very responsive without any sort of glitch. You can flip, rotate, change the aspect ratio, or even mirror the screen without missing on a single frame.

User Interface

Talking about the interface, the software possesses a more easy and receptive user interface, close to a clean one. This smooth navigation backed up with a custom search, is just what a viewer wants while looking for content to watch.

Along with that, the software has a handy open subtitle service support, so that when you select a media file, you can download its subtitle at that very moment.

What you will love more in its interface is the “Elmedia Browser”. This is a unique browser with the help of which you can search and download media from the internet.

For example, whenever you visit any web page, be it YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc., the browser will show you all the media files present on the page which you can collect in your local store. Yes, you can choose the format and resolution you want the file in and that’s it! You’re done!

The Pro Version

Every paid version is a cut above the free one. With the pro version of Elmedia Player, you can download video files in the desired resolution, likes of 720p, 1080, and even in 4K.
Along with downloading them, you can even Chromecast the 4K videos as well. It is a boon for those who are the real 4K fans.

In addition, you can snap a screenshot of the video in PNG, or create an animated GIF as well.

Obviously, the pro version will give you additional control over audio and video playback so that you can decide your ideal playback format. However, frame-by-frame control over playback is missing which you can make up with other settings given.

Over To You

The Elmedia Player is one amazing software for you to access if you love watching movies on your Mac. Apart from the boring old QuickTime Player, Elmedia is a free or budgeted, and a handier tool to enjoy the content whether audio or video.

Most importantly, it can provide you with unlimited stocks of content with the Browser and an awesome movie experience of 4K. Even the free version is more than enough, but you can upgrade anytime at a nominal cost!

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