People these days are so much indulged in the work and businesses they have to control. Life’s pace has been moving so fast lately that almost everyone lost track of their fitness. Hence, Health Experts are bound to ask people to buy a fitness tracker for them to have a device that monitors their body’s functioning over time, which as a result, helps people to adopt a healthier lifestyle and get better at meeting their fitness goals. More and more people have been purchasing these fitness tracking bands and watches lately, and thus, the confusing and exaggerating flood information has entered the internet.

Everybody shows how they are the experts and how a specific product is the best, just because Fitness Trackers are hot in the market right now and everybody wants to make hay while the sun shines. But that’s not the case with us. We’re always bringing you the latest technology news and want our content consumers to buy the best products available in the market for obvious reasons not to lose you.

Best Fitness Tracker Under $100 Dollars

1.Fitbit Inspire HR
2.Samsung Galaxy Fit 2
3.Honor Band 5
4.Xiaomi Mi Band 5
5.Xiaomi Mi Band 4
6.Amazfit Bip U
7. Fitbit Inspire 2

Here is a list of The Best Fitness Trackers under $100 that we’ve curated. 

1) Fitbit Inspire HR

For sure, we all expected Fitbit to show up first in this article. The trust and legitimacy this company has built over the years are remarkable, and hence, they’re quite reliable. So when we say ”Affordable” or “Easy on the pocket,” we also expect the quality delivered diligently by the company. So here’s Fitbit’s Inspire HR Fitness Tracking band. This entry segment gadget has all the necessary features you’re supposed to expect as a consumer, including automated activity monitoring, timely heart-beat, and rate checks, sleep-cycle tracking, and whatnot? With the amazingly affordable price, this device has a minimalistic person’s heart through the incredible monochromatic design established to perfection.

Features Of Fitbit Inspire HR:
1) Activity and Sleep Tracking
2) 24/7 Heart Rate monitoring
3) 5 Days Of Battery Life
4) 15+ Exercise Mode
5) Water Resistance Up to 50M

2) Samsung Galaxy Fit 2

Samsung joined this race of Fitness Tracking devices with their very Galaxy Fit 2 Band. It’s one of the most simple and premium fit bands on our list, which are very affordable, yet they look stunningly rich. This exact product comes with an AMOLED display, giving the wearer a fantastic experience with the top-notch display quality. Loaded with Health and Fitness tracking features such as timely heart rate checks, feedable frequent replies, sleep monitoring, and so much more. The sleek design and build quality are mind-boggling, and it really feels just as premium as it looks through the screen.

Features Of Samsung Galaxy Fit 2:
1) Auto-Sensing The Activity and Start Tracking As well.
2) 15 Days Of Battery Backup.
3) Shows All The Notifications and Quick, present Replies.
4) Water Resistance Up to 50M.
5) Attractive Design and 70+ watch Faces as well.

3) Honor Band 5

This product from Huawei is loaded with features and likable elements. It has fantastic tracking technology along with a huge rectangular vibrant display that one just can’t seem to ignore. Most of the popular features it has include heart-rate tracking, GPS tracking, step counter, calories lost counter, sleep monitoring, exercise tracking and so much more. The most appreciated and distinct feature that not a lot of people expected at this price is a camera-shutter button connected directly to your phone, enabling users to click pictures through the camera lens without even holding their phones physically. The design is quite extraordinary and the white strip enhances its looks and overall attitude. One stunningly designed and perfectly assembled device.

Features Of Honor Band 5:
1) Only Band Offers The SpO2 Blood Oxygen monitor Function.
2) 24 hours of real-time heart rate monitoring.
3) Syns All The Data With Your Smartphone and Offer 200 Tips For Improvement.
20-Day Long battery Life.
5) 50M Depth Waterproof Rank.

4) Xiaomi Mi Band 5

In a very short time, Xiaomi has made its market in the smartphone, and wearable as well. The company is famous for providing massive features at a very affordable price. Xiaomi always surprises us, with their products and features as well. This time Xiaomi Mi Band 5, Mi Band 5 is one of the most affordable and budget-oriented smart bands under $100. Mi band comes with a 1.1″ AMOLED Color screen, shows all the notifications like calls, messages, another activity tracking. The watch offers Professional Sports Modes: outdoor running, walking, cycling, swimming, etc. It also tracks the 24 Hours of Heart Rate, syncs the data with your smartphone. Overall, Mi band 5 offers all the high-end features in the budget price.

Features Of Xiaomi Mi Band 5: 
1) Comes With Color Display and Customize Straps As Well.
2) 14 Days Of Battery Life With One Charge.
3) IP68 Water Resistance. 

5) Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Another extremely cheap yet sturdy product on our list, this one from Xiaomi. Entrenched with an amazingly phenomenal AMOLED wide color tone display, Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is really a budget-friendly device that wields most of the beneficial features that you might consider before buying a smart fitness tracker as a consumer. Including heart-rate tracking, amazing battery life of 20+ days on a single charge, and modern design, this Fitness Tracking Wearable accounts to be fulfilling all of your needs while still being in budget. The watch is extremely lightweight and the best part is the 6 different exercising modes. The Xiaomi product can only be judged when felt in person. You can learn further about it by clicking on the link below.

Features Of Xiaomi Mi Band 4:
1) Always Track The Steps and How much distance you travel.
2) 20 Days Of Battery Backup.
3) Water Resistance Up to 50M.

6) Amazfit Bip U

The best part is how incredibly affordable yet feature-loaded this Fitness Tracking device is made. You get all the important features including an inbuilt GPS tracker that works just perfectly. When it comes to looks, you’d notice a resemblance in this watch with the great Apple Watch, and so it has quite the premium looks while being less of a burden on your pocket. This device comes with a Heart-Beat tracking system, pedometer, and an amazing display which is indeed designed to not hurt the eyes. The only setback with the Amazfit Bip is that it has insufficient music space and playback. But for the price it comes in, we’d say it’s lovely how much this gadget has to offer.

Features Of Amazfit Bip U:
1) It’s Not A SmartBand, Smartwatch Comes With The 1.43 Inches Large Color Display.
2) 60+ Sports and Activity Modes Available.
3) 9 Days Of Battery Backup.

7) Fitbit Inspire 2 

Last but not least, Fitbit Inspire 2 is one of the most underrated activity trackers. The Inspire 2 also offers all the features like a 24/7 heart rate monitor, an all-day activity tracker, tools to better sleep, a calorie counter, swimming assistance, and many more. The thing is, comes with a small display which is not an issue but for some reason, it affects looks. Looking at the features, the accuracy of the sensor is way ahead compared to Xiaomi. Overall the Inspire 2 is a nice option for a daily activity tracker under a $100 budget.

Features Of Fitbit Inspire 2:
1) Offers The 10 Days Of Backup.
2) 20+ Exercise Modes.
3) Water-Resistance Up To 50M.
4) You Will Only Receive Notification Of Calls and Massages.

Final Words

So, that is, these are some of the best fitness / Activity Tracker Under $100 budget according to our side. It’s not like that, there could be other options as well. But we have listed those which are available and providing the best results. If you are still in a dilemma about which one to buy then go for the Samsung, or Amazfit Bip U because both of them offer a nice design and a lot of watch faces. Well, let us know which one suits you better.