Data is the most powerful thing in today’s world, it must be secured and safe for years and decades. There are Millions of data disks filled with the data in the world data centers. 

Everyone needs their data to be put at secured places, but with the increasing security threats, no one really knows how and where to keep their precious data.

They must know the correct sources where they can post their data for its current and future security. 

After being analyzing the different sources we have covered these top 5 cloud storage providers in Europe. They just not keep your data safe, they will also provide the complete system to you for managing and editing your data online. 

Cloud data management is as simple as managing a notebook.

There are lots of cloud storage providers in the market, but it is difficult to judge the effective one from the list without experiencing them personally. 

We have listed here the top 5 European cloud storage providers after comparing their advantages and disadvantages.


pCloud is the industry top cloud storage provider amongst the others, it has many useful features like remote file uploading, big data storage, data works without hurdles, and many more. 

pCloud is one of the other storage providers that provide the lifetime subscription feature for the users. It has data centers in Europe and the United States that you can select on Signup.

The big storage facility allows you to upload and sync the large files from the cloud. 

You can also apply the premium membership for $4.99 where you will get the special cloud files crypto lock and unlock feature which helps you in protecting your files from data breaching and threats. 

If your data is accessible for your family or with your colleagues, you can also use the family option where your data can be accessible for four other members.

When you go with the lifetime plans with pCloud it will cost you $175 for a 500GB plan and $350 for the 2TB plan.


Tresorit is another amazing cloud storage provider in the field after pCloud. 

It provides various resources for the users to make their whole data secured and arranged.

Many of us who have lost their important data in managing it physically must prefer these cloud facilities for securing it for a long time. 

Tresorit Cloud storage providers can solve your major data security problems with its special features like data security with 256 bits crypto encryption, data center security, and two-factor authentication.

It has an easy to use interface so that even a noob can handle their platform for their uses. 

Tresorit cloud storage will cost approx $100 for a 1-year plan.

Nextcloud is not like other cloud storage providers that just provide a cloud storage platform, it is a suite of tools that helps its customer in managing their cloud platform. They also provide you with the self-hosted software or alternatively you can signup with Nextcloud provider for easy setup. There are lots of providers with data centers in different regions. 

They always try to help their users with all the cloud facilities on this single platform. 

Their service is easy to access from anywhere in the world, you can sync and share your important files with the help of this amazing platform. Nextcloud has helped many users in making their files and data secured and accessible from any location. 

You can also contact their support team anytime when you need their assistance and support for making your data protective and arranged.

It is free to use service for the home users, but if you are looking for your business purpose,  they have their intended plans and pricing for this.

Cloudme is a Europe based, one of top-ranking cloud storage providers in the country. It has headquarters and data centers in Sweden with an aim to provide the best available way of cloud service to their respected clients. And your data is protected according to EU privacy laws.

Cloudme offers its clients with file syncing and storage services, users can also share their important files to their colleagues with this platform. has a very attractive and easy to use user interface, it also protects the user’s files with the client-side encryption technique.

It provides the 30 days free trial services to their users, in any case, if the user decides to cancel this service they can cancel in these 30 days.

Their business plan also varies in the range of € 149 to € 759 per month, these plans provide the 1 TB to 5 TB storage capacity.

Jottacloud is a Norway based cloud storage service provider that follows the strongest Norway privacy laws. Its data center is located in Norway itself. 

The company provides the free storage(up to 5 GB) facility for every new user who signs up on their website. 

And it is one of the affordable cloud storage providers as compared to its competitors.

The high data upload and sync speed also attract many customers towards their services. 

Many business leaders have also used Jottacloud services for securing their important and legal data from data breaching and hacking. 

But there are some security issues like non-zero-knowledge encryption, backup issues, and incremental backup issues. You must check with these issues before you select this one. 


These are some best cloud storage providers in Europe, you can use these cloud storage platforms to manage and secure your important files and folders. 

All these platforms are easy to use with lots of features, but after using them personally I suggest pCloud is the best amongst the others.