Discord is one of the fastest-growing instant messaging platforms. At first, it was a voice chat and messaging application for gamers, but today it has expanded to all PCs. From games to general chat, everyone is using it. Discord also provides robots and functions to improve the user’s experience. One of the types of robots available on the Discord server is music robots (bots). 

Discord music bot can locate songs on YouTube, Spotify, or different systems and play them in a voice channel. If you are a part of the voice channel, you could listen alongside the tune on Discord.

7 Best Discord Music Bots To Stream Songs

Choosing the best music bot is very important and since there are several bots to choose from, it becomes a bit hard. But, no need to worry because we are going to list the 7 best discord music bots to stream songs perfectly. Choose the best for yourself among these listed bots.

This discord bot can support all the services, from YouTube to Deezer to Tidal, etc. You can also get the most common options, such as queuing, looping, random play, rewinding, etc. Groovy does not directly play songs from these services because they are not supported, they only collect track data from these services and play these songs on YouTube. If you like the playlists created by these services, Groovy is the best music discord bot.

Groovy also offers the premium services like Auto Play, Audio Effect, Filter, Multiple Server control in one place but for these features, you have to pay on the monthly basis.

You can download audio files to play or stream from online radio. Using Hydra-Bot, you can create queues and playlists and skip voice, repeat, move songs in the queue to the top of the queue, mix or play songs. In addition, find text or song information. Finally, Hydra-Bot contains commands for administrators only. You can use these commands to announce the songs being played, change the language of the settings, prevent certain users from using the bot, limit the number of songs played, and limit Hydra to certain Language channels and point out who will be. “DJ” provides and manages the queue.

Rythm music botIt has many functions and is compatible with popular music streaming sites such as YouTube, Soundcloud, Twitch, etc. It provides features such as lyrics, a voting system for skipping songs, and transferring songs from the server to the DM, most discord music bots do not. The characteristics of daily, weekly, or monthly songs help to find new music on the server. Access to a premium account will unlock many other benefits. It also supports various commands.

Bass is a niche discord music bot, suitable for people who like to listen to songs with enhanced bass levels. Although Rythm can also change the bass level, this is a paid feature. To play a song, use the commanding bass! play and bass! bass to enhance the bass strength. 

The Octave Discord bot can play YouTube and Soundcloud songs, queue up and even create playlists for you to listen to later. In the queue and playlist, you can skip songs, vote for the server, skip or not skip songs, go. You can also use special playlist commands to create, delete or edit them, create playlists or download playlists from other pages? You can also find the lyrics of the song.

Chip is the best free discord music bot. It contains the same general commands as other music robots. You can skip, repeat, mix, move and play songs in the queue. You can also fast forward to a specific part of the track. The chip can display lyrics, and even create a text file that lists all the tracks in the queue. Most importantly, Chip includes free audio control functions! With Music Bot Chip, you can use the bass boost, equalizer, treble boost, vocal boost, and change the volume of the track. Finally, with Chip, you can listen to the radio; the robot has a list of 180 radio stations from all over the world for you to choose from.

Groovy can access Spotify playlists, but Botify can play your personal playlists. As the name suggests, this music robot is only available for Spotify. All you have to do is to use the $ botify command. After logging in, the bot will send you a link to the site. Log in to Spotify in your account. You can then use commands to play the songs in your personal playlist. 


We know there are much more music bots available for Discord, but we have listed some of them, which we found useful for you guys. Also, if you want to try for the first time then go with the Hydra or Groovy, they are some of the best music bot for discord.

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