A dictionary is a very first thing parents buy for their children when they start learning. 

But these are modern times; no one likes to carry a thick dictionary into their hands all the time, do they? 

This is where mobile dictionaries can be of use to you! These dictionaries prove to be extremely helpful by saving time and efforts by finding out the meaning, pronunciation and translation into various languages within a second, just with a click.  

So, which ones are the best dictionary apps for iPhone? Are they free? How much can I learn from them? 

Today, let’s throw a look at some of the best dictionary apps for iPhone users that you can start using right now. 

Best Dictionary Apps For iPhone 

Here are our 7 picks for best dictionary apps for iPhone available on the App Store right now – 

1. Oxford Dictionary of English

Whether online or offline, the Oxford dictionary is by far the no.1 choice for every person. This dictionary is a fundamental tool that can help you to learn English. 

The Oxford dictionary app has over 350,000 words and, phrases and meanings entirely and is regularly updated with the relevant words and phrases of the time. 

The interface is easy even for a 7-year-old to look up the meaning of a word along with colorful themes to keep your eyes engaged in the app. 

You also get a subtle list of 75000+ audio pronunciations along with “Word-of-the-day” to teach you a new word every single day! 

Voice search and camera search lets you search for meaning for all the words you can find anywhere. 

The app works offline too without any limit of the word search. The content gets updated regularly and you have the option of creating a favorite list with words of your choice. 

The paid version of the app costs $2.99 per month and a total of $19.99 when paid yearly. 

Download Oxford Dictionary of English For iPhone

2. Dictionary.com  

One of the best dictionary apps for iPhone, dictionary.com comes with a total of 2 million words, definitions, and synonyms. 

This app contains a consolidated list of audio pronunciations along with a voice search facility to enhance your experience. 

Also, with “Word-of-the-day”, you can learn a new word every day to expand your vocabulary. 

Dictionary.com provides you with example sentences, idioms, phrases, Grammar tips, and rhyming words too! 

The app’s interface is clean and easy-to-navigate which gives you a whole bunch of data on the word search. And it works offline as well. 

The app costs $3.99 per month but is totally worth buying it. 

Download Dictionary.com For iPhone    

3. Merriam-Webster Dictionary

This dictionary is considered to be one of the most useful and respected dictionaries in the USA. Along with the basic features of 225,000+ definitions, voice search, Word-of-the-day, and synonyms – antonyms it has some more intuitive features like audio pronunciations, favorite words, recent history, and fast quizzes to teach you more words and strengthen your vocabulary.  

The example sentences presented in the app show you exactly how to use the words in sentences. The games are given in the app truly make learning a lot more fun and interesting. 

Though the app is completely free, it is monetized with ads. If you wish to remove all the ads, buy the premium version for just $2.99 per year. 

Download Merriam-Webster Dictionary For iPhone

4. Concise English Dictionary HD

Concise Dictionary integrates an all-in-one dictionary with a thesaurus to give you a consolidated experience. 

This app has one of the biggest English Dictionary databases which consisting of 4.9 Million words and 590,000+ entries. The high-quality audio pronunciation teaches you the absolute way of pronouncing the words. This feature is available in American, British, and Australian English with both male and female voices. 

The app also contains idioms, sample sentences, prepositions, conjunctions, abbreviations, interjections, common misspellings, and much more! 

The app is universal and works without the internet as well. Smooth navigation, quick look-ups and bookmarking make the app a must-have dictionary app on iPhone. 

Lastly, the cost for the app is $1.99 which is quite good given all of its features. 

Downlaod Concise English Dictionary HD For iPhone

5. The Free Dictionary

As the name goes, this dictionary is absolutely free to use for anyone and everyone. This dictionary integrates an English dictionary, Thesaurus, English idioms, slangs, and Medical dictionary all in one. 

The dictionary is available in 13+ languages including – Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese, etc. along with English Translation support for over 40 languages. 

Find all the clear and crisp definitions, audio pronunciations, example sentences, Word-of-the-day, and even idiom-of-the-day. 

Games like Spelling Bee and Hangman make you learning amusing. This app aggregates dictionaries and encyclopedias from giant publishers like McGraw-Hill, Houghton Mifflin, and others. 

This is a complete powerhouse of a dictionary and you won’t need any other app ever. 

And above all, the app is free for a lifetime! 

Download The Free Dictionary For iPhone 

6. Word Vault

This is a complete study table integrated into a dictionary app. It is a storehouse for all the words you ever searched for so that you never forget anything. 

Learn new words, meanings, idioms, pronunciations, and review your vocabulary with its configuration schedule.

Also, word vault has unique URL support where you just type in a URL and look-up words from other apps. 

Though this app works great offline, its pool of words increases giving you more data when used with the internet. 

 It is an awesome option for saving and finding words and customizing your word list. 

Download Word Vault For iPhone

7. Urban Dictionary 

If you like to use slang terms a lot, then this one is the perfect fit for you. This is a full-fledged slang mania to help you strengthen your slang vocabulary. 

Search slang and non-slang terms and vote for the ones you like. You can even share the definitions on social media including Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc. 

Also, Urban Word-of-the-day makes learning exciting.   

 The best part about the app is that it is absolutely free forever. So, go and search an unlimited number of slangs for a lifetime.

Download Urban Dictionary For iPhone


Being a good speaker is a must these days and these apps you just saw will help you to diversify your vocabulary, learn new words, idioms, synonyms, and become a good speaker. 

These dictionary apps for iPhone are the best way to strengthen and consolidate the treasure of English literature.