Nowadays, WordPress is the most popular website engine. This platform has made it possible for tech-savvy people to create blogs, sites, or online stores in no time.

WordPress themes provide elegant and straightforward layouts to cover different personal and business goals.

However, if your business is narrowly focused or you suppose to use your website as an all-in-one business tool, WordPress themes couldn’t satisfy your needs.  Then custom website development services could help you go forward. The right contractor will provide you with custom design and development so that WordPress will follow your business and marketing needs.

Best Customizable WordPress Themes for 2020
Best Customizable WordPress Themes for 2020

Pluses of Customizable WordPress Themes

1.   Design, frontend, and backend at ones

WordPress theme provides the design, frontend, and backend decisions at ones. Your team only needs to customize it for your project. In the first stages, no coding knowledge is required.

2.   No designer needed

WordPress Themes allow you to design a cohesive and consistent experience among your products. You won’t need the designer for your project.

3.   Check how your website will look like

WordPress Themes allow you to check how your website will look like when done. You can do the first user tests, make screenshots, and grab the primary users’ feedback.

4.   Manage your site easily

WordPress Themes provide straightforward Admin panel. You can easily change your site’s look, manage products and orders, offer discounts, interact with your customers, and do much more.

5.   Affordable price

The price of the WordPress theme is affordable.

Minuses of Customizable WordPress Themes

1. Incompatible with some plugins

The developer of WordPress themes may ignore the policies and practices of WordPress. As a result, a theme can be incompatible with some plugins.

2. Slow website

To sell more themes, developers can add too many unnecessary features. As a user, you probably might never use them, but your website will be slow.

3. Low variability of elements

If the project is from the specific niche – your business needs and project goals couldn’t be covered by WordPress Theme. While a lot can be customized, WordPress themes have low variability of elements. If you need complex features or customization, you’ll need to do these yourself.

4. No responsive design

Nowadays, as users take most online actions from mobile phones and tablets. However, most WordPress themes have no responsive design so that the website couldn’t be opened correctly on mobile devices.

5. Not all ideas can be implemented

UI/ UX design is a way to add creativity to the project and make it unique. However, as mentioned before WordPress themes have low variability of elements so not all ideas can be implemented.

TOP of the TOP

Here you could see Best Customizable WordPress Themes for 2020:

1. Divi theme

Divi theme is the most customizable option in such a market. This theme allows customizing website elements (logo, text, header).

Divi theme is powered by Divi Builder plugin – so it gives the pleasant opportunity of drag-and-drop, and the website could be built in a few clicks.

If you’d like to learn more you might want to visit a Divi theme review like this one.

2. X-Theme

X-Theme is a fantastic theme with a unique frontend extension “Cornerstone.” This theme has about 40 of integration opportunities (Google maps, sliders, audio). This theme allows customizing the design and typography – so the website will look custom done.

3. Avada Theme

About 30, 000 sales worldwide. Such a theme has a dynamic content system, so if you have an e-commerce business, this is the right choice. 70+ design elements will help to make your website look polished and flawless.

With the Avada theme, you could design and launch your site ASAP.

To sum up

We hope this information gives you an idea of what you should do. Choose your right theme, or if it doesn’t fit your project – go to the custom side.

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