Cloud computing technology will always keep advancing and helping more industries to boost their productivity and economic growth.

There are tons of cloud computing services like hybrid cloud, containers, serverless computing resources, and many more.

cloud computing

There have been many parties who embrace the benefits of cloud computing. Most of the enterprises and businesses that have been adapting to cloud computing solutions have significant improvement in their growth and productivity.

It is only a few months until we welcome the new year 2021. But there have been signs of where the cloud computing services will be much more relevant than before.

ERBIS company is one of the most renowned software engineering companies that are capable of providing ERBIS cloud services and the most relevant solutions for particular clients across the globe. Here are the best cloud computing services in 2021 that you can expect.

Serverless computing

The serverless computing service is a top-notch solution for scalable enterprises because it provides accommodations for working without stressing the operation or complexity in server management.

The serverless platform comes with abundant perks that cut to the chase. The moment we wrote the article, around 20% of global enterprises have been using the serverless computing service to improve their productivity and quality of products and services.

Gone are the days when the serverless cloud platform was only exclusive to gigantic enterprises with large capital. The quick familiarisation of cloud computing technology on a global scale has enforced the practices to every level of the industry. So, if you have just started your small to mid-sized business, you shouldn’t worry if you can reach this technology. ERBIS can help you out to get the best solution for your business.

The Hybrid Cloud Service

There have been many enterprises that make full migration from on-premise to the cloud environment. However, some enterprises are not eager to leave the conventional system because there are too many stakes that they need to pay attention to.

If this describes your company a lot, you could consider using a hybrid cloud service provided by the ERBIS software engineering company. The hybrid cloud is the top solution for many businesses from many industry niches because it has such good perks without compromising the existing system. Some stuff is indeed better staying in the physical or local server. Some big companies are still using these practices.

Meanwhile, the hybrid cloud service can offer you irresistible benefits such as:

Speed – the data transfer and retrieval is much faster than before due to lower latency

Control – the hybrid cloud system can help the project owner to set and adjust the solution based on their needs and budget.

Security – The professional developer like ERBIS will fortify the private and public cloud with the most updated security. The encryption is a nightmare for hackers and other irresponsible parties.

Digital native services

Not all people can embrace the commencing of cloud computing services. For instance, if you are the person in charge of your company, you will easily see some folks who are against the movement to the cloud solution.

The adoption of tech, although comes with the challenge, is unstoppable.

The increasing need for a company to compete in such a globalized era has made the digital natives have a sensible approach that you can do now.

The digital natives require the appropriate knowledge of cloud computing along with its important components.

All of the parties involved in your company will eventually need to embrace this technology because Digital native is going to be second nature in the working environment.

What you need to do now is to make sure that people who are against it want to convert to the latter side. We shall not overlook the fact that enterprises need cloud computing for seamless collaboration and productivity.

More microservices in the containers

It will be hard to stick to the monolith approach on every project because microservices can offer much better solutions.

In 2021, there will be significant increases in the new micro services which are deployed by the developers. The micro-services can help you and your company to boost productivity and efficiency.

In the microservices approach provided by ERBIS, you will only need to pick the crucial things that you need the most for your company. Then, you can exclude the features or add-ons that you don’t need in your software. As a result, you can save more money and time to allocate your business core.

Data Centers and AI

ERBIS also offers AI service in the data center.

AI can save a lot of time and resources which the enterprises can make use of to cut to the chase. With the help of AI, you can easily notice your enterprise systems. It won’t take a long time until you find the potential problems and troubleshoot them.

AI can work around the clock, 24/7, replacing the night shift of humans so that the results of the analysis will be more maximum.

AI can help you in a wide array of sectors. But the most common practice that you can relate to your business is versatility like automating the executions, tasks, solving problems, and so on.

AI will use the data and process it. They would come up with the conclusions that you can use to strategize for your business in the future.

The massive cloud migration service

The 2020 year is a dynamic and dramatic time. With the challenge from the pandemic, it enforces tons of companies to consider moving their business cores online.

Thanks to the covid protocols, the conventional IT infrastructure is collapsing. Many enterprises have ditched on-premise factors and moved to cloud computing services from ERBIS.

“Working from home” has been the second nature phrase amongst the pandemic sufferers. This has made the enterprises to maneuver to the cloud computing transition. While some of them are ready to move fully, some of them stick to the hybrid cloud. If you’re in the middle of it, you might be considering moving your infrastructure as well.

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