We use our smartphone for everything these days. People spend so much time per day on their smartphones reading the news, shopping, social media, taking photos and much more. One average US adult spends around 3 hours, 40 minutes on the mobile device in 2018. This number will continue to grow, and in 2019 it is expected to surpass the TV as the medium that attracts most minutes in the US.

Businesses recognized this trend and started focusing more on smartphone accessories. Accessories designed to make using your device much easier. There was a couple of smartphone accessories that made a big boom like the selfie stick when it came out. In order to catch the new trend, in the following article, we are going to find out what are the best budget smartphone accessories that you can buy in 2019.

  1. Portable Charger ($$)

As we mentioned earlier, people use their smartphones throughout all day and the battery usually doesn’t last that much. That is why the market for portable chargers is growing. With large companies like Apple and Samsung making phones with larger displays and even flip phone with 3 displays, the battery that supports the phone must be massive which spoils the use of the phone. However, there are plenty of options on the market for you to choose your portable charger, which will be useful for sure. RAVPower 20100 mAh Portable Charger is definitely one of the best on the market. This charger contains three USB Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 ports, so the battery will be charged quickly.RAVPower will cost you from $50-$55 but it’s money well spent.

  1. Portable Selfie Flash-Light ($)

Of course, we all take the selfie seriously nowadays, and if you want to have a great picture to post on your Instagram even when it is dark, the portable selfie flash-light is the right accessory for you. CSBROTHER Mini Selfie Beauty Light is one of the best Flash-Lights on the market, capable of making photos look extremely good even in the dark. This accessory comes with a $12.99 price tag, which makes it very affordable.

  1. Arm Bands ($)

If you want to live healthy and do a lot of jogging, biking or running you must take your smartphone with you as entertainment while working out. Tribe Water Resistant cell Phone Armband is a high-quality product, made from different materials that can be Flexed, Bend while still maintaining its original shape. This armband is very comfortable and lightweight, perfect for any active situation. price for the Tribe Armband is $9.99.

  1. Wireless Chargers ($$)

So you want to watch the new episode of Game of Thrones on your phone, before all the spoilers come out, but you have no battery and you forgot your cable to charge the phone? Just search for a wifi hot spot and you will be fine. In this day and age, some of the better phones are equipped with Qi wireless charging and in a not too distant future, all phones will be made supporting this feature. The pleasure of leaving your phone on the charging place rather than connecting it with cables is great. Now the technology is well developed and it charges your phone much faster than the first wireless chargers that came out. Saneo Wireless Charging Pad is a great product, and it is charging your phone on a stand-up position. This accessory will cost you $17.99.

  1. VR Headsets ($$$)

The virtual reality is here, and it is amazing. The chance to have the full experience from virtual reality only by using your phone is incredible. As this technology is new and trendy, companies already started manufacturing Headsets that attach to your smartphone, letting you have virtual reality everywhere you go. Google Cardboard is a VR kit that can be made from cardboard. Yes, you can download the user manual and build it yourself. Obviously, it is only compatiblewith phones that have gyroscope and magnetometer, otherwise, it will not be VR technology. Google has a VR product that you can actually buy called Daydream and it will cost you about $79.99.

  1. Gaming Controllers ($$)

As the gaming industry is growing day by day, people spend many hours per day playing action, racing or puzzle games. So if you are toll serious about your gaming, you should definitely buy GameSir G3s 2.4GHz Wireless Bluetooth Controller. This will allow you to sync your phone to the controller and use the buttons to make mobile gaming much easier. This accessory is great fun and it will cost you about $37, but make sure you buy a portable charger as well because you will drain the battery very fast.

These are some of the trendy gadgets within a reasonable budget that you can buy in 2019. Every day new technologies come into action, so we must hold our horses and wait for what is next in the mobile accessory business. Stay tuned and don’t lose any of the new smartphone tech updates.