In the present world, everyone is busy with their daily life schedule and find no time to remember their loved one’s birthday. As we all know birthdays are always a special occasion in everyone’s life, so remembering them is always important for all of us. There is a huge list of contacts in your contact list, but memorizing the birthday of these thousands of people is indeed a difficult task. The first thing you can do is follow the old tradition and note down each and everyone’s birthday on your notebook. But what if you misplaced that notebook again the same problem get arise.

Thus, there is a better way to simplify your task by just adding a small application on your mobile gadget who will remember everyone’s birthday in its database. This will definitely prove you helpful and will save you from the feeling of awkwardness on your family and friends birthday.

5 Best Birthday Reminder Apps for Android

1. Google Calendar

When talking about android how can we forget about Google. As the name indicates, it is fully compatible with all the android based device. It even gets connected with your contact list and Facebook account and syncs it with all the essential event dates. Further, Google calendar is even very easy to use and understand. The UI of the app is also very attractive and colorful.

It shows the notification of the birthday, Anniversary, Event, Festival, and so on. You can also set a custom event for the day and app will automatically remind for that event.

[appbox googleplay]

2. Birthdays for Android

As the name suggests, this application is counted amongst the best birthday reminder application for the Android mobile device. This app will allow you to export the data to your Google account so that you could easily have a backup of your data while switching to another android based device. Additionally, this application even comes at free of cost for its users. The app also lets you know about the anniversary, and upcoming events as well.

[appbox googleplay id=com.marcow.birthdaylist]

3. BZ Reminder

The BZ Reminder is also one of the most popular birthday reminder apps for android users. The App has the same User Interface as Google Calendar. You can even customize the reminder as per your convenience and assign them different colors as well. You can set the reminder through Google Voice Assistance as well. The app also supports Android Wear as well, to snooze or set a new birthday can be done through Any Smartwatch, which is compatible with Google Android Smartphones. The most important features are, you don’t have to pay for these features, it’s free.

[appbox googleplay id=com.bzzzapp]

4. To do reminder with alarm

To do reminder with alarm is a beneficial application when it comes to remembering the birthdays of your dear ones. The best feature about this application is, it will not only remind you about the birthdays but apart from this it will remind you about your daily work list too, which is very much essential in this busy life schedule. Further, this app will also sync up the important dates from your phone book, Google account, and social media.

There is one interesting feature of the app is you can directly send birthday, Anniversary wishes with lovely cards on your friends Facebook wall or send them Wishes by Gmail, SMS, WhatsApp through this app.

[appbox googleplay id=com.ToDoReminder.gen]

5. Birthdays – Reminder, Calendar & Greeting Cards

Birthdays are another best birthday reminder application for android users. It has a fantastic feature which helps you in remembering the birthday of your family and friends in advance with the help of feature which will ping you one month before the prior event. Other than this, Birthdays also update you with the birthdays of prominent personalities. This application even has a very user-friendly interface.

From the app, you can send the message or email with best wishes or just make a call.
You can choose what time the app should remind you about Birthdays. Also, you can set an additional notification.

[appbox googleplay id=com.djonique.birdays]

Now, let us look around the best birthday reminder apps for the iOS users.

5 Best Birthday Reminder Apps For iOS


You must have heard about the IFTTT to increase the productivity, if not then go and first download this app. The App can connect with a lot of different apps in your device. The app can connect with your Google calendar, Facebook and other social media account and save the important dates as Birthday, Anniversary, or any other event date. The app will let you know in advance and also you can directly send the greating to them. The app comes with automation posting the Gritting of the birthday or Anniversary.

This app surely increases your productivity and most important is, it’s free.

[appbox appstore id= 660944635?mt=8]

2. Google Calendar

The Google Calendar is another nice app to remind you of the important dates. The UI and all the features of the app are same as for the Android. The Google Calendar sync with the Facebook, Google Contact and save the Birthday and other important dates. You can also set a reminder for the meeting, and event and also set the time to the reminder.

[appbox appstore id= 909319292?mt=8]

3. Hip

Hip is one of the best compatible birthday reminder application for iOS users. You can quickly filter the birthday list as per your criteria, add notes and also send messages on the special day of your loved ones. The app has the feature to let you remind you that, you have to call, message, Facebook posting for the wish to the person.

The app is free to use but supports the Google Ads, in the plus version which is $1.49 have the feature as built-in calendar, App Theme, widgets, greeting cards and so on. Overall the HIP app is the best birthday reminder app for iOS users.

[appbox appstore id= 401949944?mt=8]

4. Birthday Calendar +

Birthday calendar plus is easy to use and customizable birthday reminder application. You can even see the significant upcoming events with just a single click on the application. Further, it has the perplexing feature of getting updates with the birthdays of renowned personalities around the world, and easily import the birthdays and anniversaries from the contact list. You can also set a customized greeting to send the birthday person through the app.

[appbox appstore id= 459270366?mt=8]

5. Countdown+ Calendar (Lite)

Countdown + Calendar (Lite) is one of the most minimalistic and simple birthday reminder app for the iOS users. The app has its own calendar which updated with the National Holidays, and also notify you of the upcoming birthday of your loved ones. In the app, you can also set a reminder or your meetings, Trip. As the Name suggests app have the Countdown for every upcoming event, birthday, Marriage Anniversary. The countdown is also customizable like fonts, style, color as well.

[appbox appstore id= 566237798]


A birthday is always a special occasion and memorizing it, is a tough deal. Thus, having something which could remind us is still a beneficial deal for us. So, just download these amazing birthday reminder apps on your devices and make your family and friends happy by greeting them on their special and most fortunate event of the year.