Android wearables are now taking enjoy a renewed way of achievement by releasing with the game-changing Android Wear 2.0. This update brings numerous wonderful features for the smartwatch, controlled the differences in the previous OS.

Perhaps a huge change and feature on the new Android Wear 2.0 is that it keeps the strong capability to support the standalone apps and that makes it more powerful. Your smartwatch is maybe not as connected properly with your phone as before, so you are free to download and manage as well the apps from your smartwatch. You have to log in on your Google account and then you can readily download, access, and update all the Google services on your smartphone.

A Process To Install Apps On A Smartwatch 

If you use a smartwatch that runs on the Android Wear 2.0, you can simply access the Android Wear App Store just from your smartwatch and then do download your apps.

You can browse here by a category; you can search here for the apps and find a complete range of the new apps and also, download and install these apps from the store which is free.

If you want to uninstall any app, just do a long press on a particular app you intend to remove. Afterward, click to the bin icon placed in the corner of the screen. Now do confirm about you actually want to delete this particular app and then that app is uninstalled.

Moving forward, here is the list of some really best apps for a smartwatch that must think about to use once.

Best Apps For Smartwatch 

  • Android Pay

Android Pay is really a great app that allows users to use their watch for making the cashless payments. It assists you to make your payments in proper security which means your transactions will be more secure here. It is only there which supports the NFC feature so keep in mind about this before downloading the app. So all you need to do tap the watch here on a contactless payment reader and complete. There is no requirement of a phone to be in a working model.

[appbox googleplay]
  • Uber

Uber is a great convenient version for the smartwatch when you hire a cab. It’s an exceptional app that permits you to book a cab. You can check here the location of your driver and also gets the estimates time on wearable and all these feasible without using a phone at all. So it is really a standalone app when your phone’s battery gets low. So you must try this app once that will almost reduce your workload.

[appbox googleplay id=com.ubercab&hl=en]
  • Google Fit

Google Fit is a fitness app of Google that might be the greatest Android wear app designed by Google. This app tracks the workout and confers real-time accurate stats about running, riding and walking. It tracks the activity effortlessly and collects also details from the other fitness and wellness apps such as Strava, Lifesum, Runkeeper, and many more.

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  • Runtastic Pro

Runtastic Pro is a great fitness app specially designed for smartwatches. This app nicely tracks your all fitness activities and provides you the tips about a better workout and healthier life too. Runtastic Pro is not only the app for wearable but it is quite compatible with the smartwatch. It comes with several features such as schedule your workout, provides you real-time updates of your workout, schedules, and training plans to make awesome your workout. If you regularly go jogging then it will be a perfect match for you.

[appbox googleplay]
  • Strava

Strava is the best alternative to Google Fit. It is indeed a great fitness app that records efficiently your daily workout. Since it is a great fitness app, there is no need for you to bring your phone along with you while running and it will be still capable to record your progress on your smartwatch. It is an ideal choice about how many calories you have burnt, you can count here your footsteps, and also you can track where your data when you are running.

[appbox googleplay id=com.strava&hl=en]
  • Spotify 

You can stream your favorite music from your smartwatch by using the music streaming services of Spotify. Also, this app is not a standalone app and still not having full functions on the watch. However, you can easily browse your whole collection, you can select the playlist, and also can search the recently played songs through your smartwatch directly.

[appbox googleplay]
  • IF by IFTTT

IFTTT denoted as If This Then That and permits you generate any number of automatic command just to your watch. It is an eminent app that is fully compatible with the smartwatch. You can make “applets” which link the two different apps to generate an action. Users can try this app to make recipes for multiple things such as having a notification on the Android Wear if the phone battery is low or having notifications when the new Craigslist listing matches your search. So you can put full of control over the notifications when you required at particular times.

[appbox googleplay id=com.ifttt.ifttt&hl=en]
  • Sleep as Android

This is a wonderful sleep tracking app that monitors your sleep regularly and wakes you smartly in the mornings. Moreover, it reckons the best moment to wake up you and then wakes you according to it. If you are particularly having problems with inadequate or poor sleep,  then a more intensive sleep tracking device is recommended. Check out OURA Ring, its reviews, and the best features.

[appbox googleplay id=com.urbandroid.sleep]
  • Android Messages

Users become able to read and send as well the messages to their contacts from their Android wearable if they use the Google Messenger app on their smartwatch. It is also not included in the standalone app and it requires being a default messaging app on the phone to work nicely with the wearable.

[appbox googleplay]
  • Foursquare

It is such a very easy app to use and also a convenient one for all kinds of users. You can find here the best places to have fun, food, and drink in your locality that is a feature of this app. It is quite simple in navigation and designed in a simple user interface which makes it one of the most favorite apps on the Android wearable.

[appbox googleplay id=com.joelapenna.foursquared&hl=en]
  • Nest

This app can be used one step ahead by controlling it on Android wearable if having a Nest thermostat at your home. It is not considered into a standalone app that’s why it asks your phone about to set up and function as well. But it is feasible to change the room temperature in your home by using your smartwatch. So you can think to use this app.

[appbox googleplay]
  • Informer for Android Wear

This app is used as the notification app that collects all the watch notifications at a single place to make simple to access but difficult to miss. It comes with instant notification cards and lets you reply to messages on a single tap.

[appbox googleplay id=com.komparato.informer.wear]
  • Shazam

Shazam is a wonderful app for song lovers. It assists you to identify any song. So anywhere you sit and want to listen to your favorite song then do use the wrist for Shazam the song. Here it is not essential to search the favorite songs with this Android wear app. It also lists out the song’s lyrics what you are listening to.

[appbox googleplay]
  • Wear Audio Recorder

It’s really a perfect app that turns your smartwatch into the audio recorder. This app can be used to record meetings, thoughts, conversations, ideas, lectures, etc. The most important thing is here that it works great in the background when the display turns off.

[appbox googleplay id=com.rimidalv.dictaphone]
  • Todoist

Todoist is counted as one of the superb task managing apps for your Android Wear. It will be a perfect match if you are looking for something new and other than Google Keep. You can track here all of the tasks, even collaborate with the people, can sync here across the devices, and also can set the reminders too.

[appbox googleplay id=com.todoist]
  • Find my Phone

This great app assists users find their phones from their smartwatch. There is a link uses by the app between the watch and the smartphone to locate it. Moreover, you can make here turn off the alarm; turn on the flashlight and the screen, and lot more functions can be executed through your smartwatch on your phone.

[appbox googleplay id=net.nickapps.wear.findmyphone]
  • PixtoCam

PixtoCam is an amazing app that converts your Android Watch just into a remote viewfinder for the phone’s camera. It is best for taking pictures in a group and also for other tricky shots. PixtoCam allows you toggle between the rear camera and the front camera. You can take here photos; videos and also can do zoom in and out directly from your smartwatch.

[appbox googleplay id=com.pixtogram.wear.zicam&hl=en]


After reading the article, the bottom line is that all the mentioned apps are best indeed to try with the smartwatch. All the apps are convenient to use so pick any from these mentioned apps which you want to use for your specific work. The experience will be awesome to use these apps for your smartwatch.