People lately have been switching from their regular TVs towards their smartphones for streaming and watching movies purposes. But let us bring this to your notice that the Era of TVs is back, with the revolutionary functionalities of The Android TV Boxes. You heard that right; it is now that easy for a person to convert their basic-tv into a SmartTV. All you need is an Android TV Box and to connect it to your TV, and that’s it.

You get all the features of a SmartTV on your regular TV. But now the question must arise, which Android TV Box should be considered while you’re trying to make all this possible? Well, considering giving our today’s article about the 5 best android TV boxes available in the market. 

 Best Android TV Boxes Out In The Market

1.Amazon Fire TV Stick
3.TiVo Stream 4K Android TV Box
4.Beelink GS-King X
5.Xiaomi Mi Box S

1) Amazon Fire TV Stick

Ruling the whole marketplace and earning loads of appreciation from customers, this Amazon product officially known as Amazon Fire TV Stick is one of the most trustworthy and reliant Android TV Boxes to go for. With the amazingly smooth Quad-Core 1.7 GHz installed within it, FireStick stood ups to almost all of your expectations while delivering a whopping 1-year warranty! For the connectivity part, it comes with an HDMI output and Micro USB output, but that for power only. This one is specially made for the streaming enthusiasts to stream videos at 4k UHD or in other words, 4k Ultra-High-Definition. The best part is how much easier Amazon Firestick makes online streaming easy by enabling viewers to stream their favorite shows available on Youtube, Netflix, Apple TV, Hotstar, Zee5, Sony LIV, and so many more.


Before we even go any further, if you’re a huge practitioner of minimalism, we believe the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV Box is probably going to be your best bet. As you look a little deeper into it, you’ll realize that this device serves you with all the purposes that you’d expect it to, whilst being so sturdy and modern yet simple. NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV comes with a 4k HDR Resolution and NVIDIA Tegra X1+ processor to make your experience extraordinary and terrific!

With 2 Gigabytes of RAM and 8GB ROM, this machine holds the power to run all your needs and perform all tasks you’d want it to without any hassle. At the connectivity part, it comes with HDMI Out: HDMI 2.0 with MicroSD to support a 4k x 2k Display. How about you give a glance at this wonderful product? Links down below-

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3) TiVo Stream 4K Android TV Box

Like the previous one, this has a pretty minimalistic design. With that impactful and monochromatic design, this machine is perfect for the ones who like simplicity but demand all the best features that they can get at the price as least as possible. Yes, TiVo Stream 4K  Android TV Box is very budget-friendly yet loaded with features typical of a product. It comes with the standard 2GB RAM & 8GB ROM, 4K and Full HD 1080, and versatile connectivity options including C USB ports, HDMI, AV Cables, and wireless.

This really isn’t the one that you should just judge through the screen unless the experience it provides is felt in person. So if you have any friends with the latest TiVo Stream 4K Android TV Box, just hit them up, and experience the magic of this product. Till then, feel free to check the links of these products given down below-

4) Beelink GS-King X

For sure we’ve moved to the 4th one down the pile on this article, and here comes, finally, the one you’ve been waiting for, Beelink GS-King X. Unlike the rest of them, this one comes with 4GB RAM 64GB ROM. It gives the output of 4K@60fps and 1080P@60fps, Resolution with the quad-core ARM Cortex-A73 processor. For the connectivity part, HDMI ports are pre-installed and Bluetooth connectivity is enabled, so you should face no problems in that. The more interesting thing about the Beelink is, comes with the DUAL OS and extendable storage up to 4TB. Now, this is something you will not get with any of the Android TV boxes.

5) Xiaomi Mi Box S

And here comes MI with another revolutionary product. The MI Android TV Box comes with an output of 4k, FHD 1080p Resolution, Versatile connectivity options, and 2GB RAM with 8GB ROM. The best part is how minimalistic the design and guess what, it is an award-winning design, enhancing everything about it.

The widespreadness of users shows how trustworthy and reliable this Android Box really is with the best-in-class service offering. And if that doesn’t interest you, the Mi Box comes with a humongous range of streaming platforms it supports including Netflix, Hotstar, Youtube, Sling, and so much more. As a cherry on top, it supports gaming whilst maintaining to be the budget-friendly gadget it is. Mind-Boggling! 

Short Buying Guide: 

  • Processor: This is one of the most fundamental elements to keep in mind. If you want your TV Box to run smoothly without encountering any lags or slow down a bit, this should be #1 on your list of considerations.
  • Connectivity: Well, if your TV Box excels at the connectivity part, know that this’ll benefit you big time because that way you’ll be able to share data easily. The bare minimum should be HDMI and/or Bluetooth.
  • Storage: This really depends on you. How much storage would be enough for you? Question that to yourself and figure it out because opting for more storage than you’ll ever use will cost you more money, and you probably don’t want that.

Over To You

So, that’s all. These are the best android tv boxes according to us. If you have some suggestions for us, then do let us know. We will surely add them to our list. If you want to choose any of them then according to us go with the Mi Box S, offers all the features and supports the 4K streaming as well.