We all are so utterly in love with our beds that waking up feels nightmarish. Alarm clocks are usually dreadful devices that separate us from our oh-so-loveable sleep. But these top 5 alarm clock apps, with their best of efforts, are going to make you actually look forward to waking up in the sweet early morning. Does that idea sound crazy? Wait till you hear how. Here are the 5 creative alarm clocks which make waking up the best part of your day.


5 Best Alarm Clock Apps for iPhone

  1. Alarm Clock Xtreme and TimerAlarm Clock Xtreme and Timer

    Alarm Clock Xtreme and Timer is a handy alarm app. It has all the features of your normal alarm clock and in addition to it you can set the tone so as to slowly get louder instead of just blaring out. This is because it helps you to wake up naturally. One of the noticeable feature of Alarm Clock Xtreme and Timer app is that it has a large snooze button so that you don’t click on the dismiss button. It also has some useful features such as nap Timer, auto snooze and auto dismiss. Alarm Clock Xtreme and Timer has some additional features like puzzles and math games to help you to wake up.

  2. Alarmyalarmy

    Alarmy is knownto be one the most annoying alarm app made (sounds interesting), well that’s what alarm clocks are for isn’t it? To force you to wake up. Here is how it work. You’ll have to set a “registered spot” in your house and when the alarm goes off, you have to get out of bed and go to that registered spot in order to shut it up. It recommends something like the bathroom so that you actually have to get up and move to shut it up. If that’s too hardcore for you, the app also has some more common alarm types, including “shake to turn off”, math puzzles, and a standard alarm function.

  3. Morning Routine – Alarm ClockMorning-Routine-Alarm-Clock-Premium

    Morning Routine alarm clock is similar to Alarmy in the way that it will also force you out of bed to snap a picture. But rather than photos of a wash basin or kitchen sink that can be different from morning to morning, it asks you to scan the barcode of your morning serials you eat or the toothpaste you use. Anything that keeps you from getting late. Also, the interface is quite impressive. I can vouch for the fact that this app has the best graphics. Once you have completed all the steps and turned off the alarm, you can choose to launch a custom app or an URL, just in case you need the news with the morning coffee.

  4. Sleep Cycle-Alarm ClockSleep Alarm Clock

    No puzzles, photos or weird mathematics puzzle here. The app is rather smart and keeps track of your sleep activity throughout the night and wakes you gently in the optimal moment for pleasant mornings. After you set the alarm on Sleep as Android, you need to activate the sleep mode and keep the phone on your mattress. The app will keep a track on your sleep behavior using an accelerometer and trace a graph when you are in a deep sleep and light sleep. Now, depending on the time when you are in the light sleep, the alarm can sound in a time duration of 30 mins and you will be greeted by soothing nature sound to wake up.

  5. AlarmMonalarmmon

    AlarmMon is a favorite alarm clock app that includes a variety of alarms styles. You can have a quieter alarm, a louder one, and there are various games, videos, and others to wake yourself up in a more creative way. It also includes various characters and celebrities which don’t add to the functionality, but it can be fun. It also includes weather feature, an alarm history to see your wake up habits, and a built-in timer. Otherwise, it’s a fairly basic app that gets the job done.


    The right amount of sleep and the right way to wake are the things we often overlook. Refresh your mind and senses, wake up early, never be late again, all with those unique alarm clocks apps. Let us know what’s the best way to wake you up in the comments.

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