A new ios update – iOS 10 has been launched by the Apple.  Although the Apple provides iOS update each year, and the users and critic have complained for the minor change with their update. However, this time, this update has a real meaning. The latest ios version have  a lot of changes as well as improvements to the older ones. If you deeply look into the new features of iOS 10 update you will find that this time, Ios update is more colourful,Notification friendly and Bigger.

More colors with iOS 10

According to apple, they bundled a no of features in iOS 10. With this new update, 3D Touch has a real meaning which was gained less popularity among iPhones users.

There are a lot of features in ios 10 updates, and some of them are very attractive and you must try. There is not a single reason for not updating your iPhones. Yes but there is one issue that some of the cool features (like 3D touch or imessage related ) only for iPhone 6 and above version (Sorry for 5S Guy!).

Recently launched iPhone 7 and IPhone 7 Plus are coming with the latest iOS 10 update.

So here I am providing the best 10 new features of iOS 10 update which you should  try without wasting your time!

1. Check your notification without pushing any button

Raise to wake

Yes, you heard it right and in my opinion, this is the coolest feature coming with iOS 10. This feature named as’ raise to wake’. So by using this you don’t need to hard press your home button to check your notification. Just pick your iPhone from the plain surface and it will automatically lighten up.. boom! And you can check your notification.  Thanks to the accelerometer in iPhones.
*Available only on iphone6S and above models

2.   Your Camera is your new magnifying glass!

iOS 10 Magnifer

iPhone can be used as a magnifying glass. If you go to the setting and on the magnifier option (Settings > General > Accessibility > Magnifier ) then with the 3 tap the home button will launch magnifier. I don’t know how many people will use this cool feature but this is really awesome!

3. Stopwatch has got a makeover

Stopwatch iOS 10
New stopwatch in iOS 10

We used stopwatch many times for checking running time to minute details of our schedule . but we all have one question when everything is getting graphic savvy why stopwatch still using digital format? And yes Apple finally solve this problem and gave a fully new look to its stopwatch.  Just swipe to the left to get the new stopwatch.

4. Adjust the intensity of the flashlight

iPhones are known for their brighter & intense flashlight. But sometimes we don’t need such intense flash & it irritate us too much.  So if you are lucky to have 3d Touch enabled iPhone with Ios 10  then just hard press the flashlight option to control it. You can select among the three options low light, medium light & highlight for your flesh.
*Available only on iphone6S and above models

5. Park your car with your iPhone

Park your car
Park your car

If you are driving with the GPS enabled Apple maps , then as you stop your car for parking , your iPhones will pin the exact location of your car.  iPhones also record all your parked location. So the next time you also park in the same place if you want.  This all possible with the up gradation of the Apple maps.

6. Bedtime

Bedtime featture with new iOS update

We all use alarm in our iPhones to wake up in the morning but we never serious about our bedtime. Without proper sleep, it has a bad effect on our health. With the Ios10 update, we got a new feature ‘bedtime’. In which we can set our bedtime and check the sleep analysis.

7. Emojifiy your messages with more easy way

Replace your with text emoji
Replace your text with emoji !

People are getting Emojify day by day.  Emojis are the best option to share our feeling  in the messages. But there are a lot of emojis there in the stock and we have to search the best one that fits our feeling. In this regard with the new update apple offering a brand new feature where it will “directly convert the words to the emojis”. For e.g. if I type “let’s play football”. iPhone will give a suggestion that you can also replace football with the football emojis.  Besides this with Ios 10 update  apple also bundled some more interesting emojis into their keyboard.

8. Apple music has a new lyrics feature

Lyrics feature is in built in iOS 10 update
Lyrics feature is in built in iOS 10 update

Apple music is a great success of iPhones . This service was launched in June 2015 and in just one year the no of paid subscribers reached to more than 15 million worldwide.  But if any user has to need lyrics he has to go for some other third party apps or some lyrics related website. To solve this apple is providing a new feature of lyrics in the Apple Music, Where we can have the lyrics of any song.

9. Copy and paste between your Mac and iPhone

If you are having both the Mac and iPhone at your home then this cool feature is for you. With the latest update of Mac OS Sierra and iOS  10 we can copy and paste in  between the devices. This feature is named as Universal clipboard. But remember the Signing Apple id of the devices should be the same.

10. More power to SIRI


This coolest features list can not be completed without the SIRI. With the latest iOS10 update, SIRI is getting smarter and social. So from now SIRI is not limited to Apple developers, it can work with many third party apps.

Besides this, there is also a cool feature in which Siri Can announce Who’s Calling When You’re Wearing Headphones or Connected to Bluetooth.