The Android Tv Box is getting more attention over the day by day and why not they are turning your normal Tv into Smart Tv on a very cheap price. Right now if you surf the internet for a nice configuration Tv box then you can find a lot of options. But not all of them performed seamlessly. To make this easy we have Beelink GT1 Android Tv box for you. The Beelink Gt1 is latest Streaming Android tv box. This 96cm x 96cm measuring tiny device is definitely going to rejuvenate your Television watching experience. Beelink GT1 Ultimate Streaming box is specifically available at Gearbest at a very low price. You can apply a coupon and get an additional 17% discount.

Beelink GT1

Beelink GT1 Review

Talking about the features and function of any android tv box you have to take care a lot of things includes Build Quality, Hardware, Software, Memory, Pre-installed Apps. So, let’s take a look at these feature in Beelink GT1.

The Outer shell

The outer surface of the device is glossy and looks like a state of art streaming box. It is provided with a remote control that would allow you to have a smoother function in watching TV. The remote control includes the basic buttons such as volume up, down and a power button to manage the little box. You can also learn about the additional settings that would allow you to have a better control of your gadget.

Beelink GT1 Android Tv box

You might be wondering that why are we describing the remote control after all? Well; the reason is that it has some extra features and toggle buttons. You would definitely love to enjoy the remote control after you have learned about all the features it has.

The Power Processor & Operating System

Have you ever seen a TV box that has a fast processor and a better workability at low cost? Talking precisely Can TV boxes come with processors? Well, of course, they can. When we were using the Beelink GT1 Ultimate Streaming Android Box, we noticed that the manufacturers have integrated a very powerful Amlogic S912 2.0GHz Octa Core processor that gives a smoother streaming and a better interaction. Even when we downloaded certain stuff using the mini box, we were quite happy with the speed it caught.

Beelink GT1 Android Tv box

The multi-tasking of the Tv box is nice and performed seamlessly. We also play the high-end games like Asphalt, HALO, Mortal Combat etc. but none of the lack at all. With the Powerful processor, the Beelink also have the latest Android 6.0.


Beelink GT1 Android Tv box

To store the data install the apps Beelink has the 3GB DDR4 RAM and 32GB ROM to run and store the data. You can install any app and store as much data you want. The DDR4 RAM performs seamlessly and it’s 32GB of ROM response very quick. Due to 3GB of RAM, you won’t feel any kind of Lacking while performing any high-end task like Gaming or Multi-Tasking.

User interface

The user interface is really easy to use. I comprise of “my favorite section” where you can conveniently add your favorites. It also comprises of two additional panels that can be used for modifying whatever you like. The only thing that might cause a little hindrance is the need to settle the icons repeatedly if you are not using the TV box for a longer time period.

Beelink GT1 Android TV box

Beelink GT1 also provides the 4k Decoding at 60fps. Beelink has integrated the latest Kodi system as some of the most popularized add-ons for online streaming. Not only Kodi, other media streaming Apps as Netflix, Twitch are also pre-install in this Tv box.

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Over To You

The Beelink GT1 is performed seamlessly and have all the features which needed the most for an Android Tv box. Here you got the 3GB RAM + 32GB ROM and also it can be expandable with TF memory. The tv box also provides the 4k output at 60fps which is incredible. As per the specifications, the Beelink GT1 is the best TV box, what do you think also share with us through the comment section.