A dynamic Smartwatch like Bakeey M6 lets you execute multiple tasks without missing a beat. It helps you to get connected with your loved ones despite keeping your phone stashed away. The multi-feature Smartwatch comes with several health tracking features and digital specifications.

The Bakeey M6 is your best companion as it delivers all the notification and alerts on the right time on your wrist. To work with better functionality, it has the capacity to get connected to a smartphone through the Wireless Range of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Smartphones are important to stay organized and connected; the Bakeey M6 smartwatch is particularly designed to match up with the current lifestyle. You would never miss a single text or a call even if you failed to hear your phone.Bakeey M6 reviewSo here we have integrated some of the best features of the Bakeey M6 Smartwatch so that you may know that a watch is not only for tracking time and date. It is rather about managing the world through your wrist –

Design & Appearance

The outer look of the Bakeey M6 is just amazing with the transparent display. It lets you select both smart watch glance as well as the traditional watch look through the enabled settings. So if you don’t want anyone to know that you have a Smartwatch, just switch on to traditional dial setting and move on with the Graceful watch on your wrist.
The high-quality screen resolution has a diameter of 42 mm altogether. The dial diameter somewhat falls to 33 millimeter which exaggerates the overall look of the device. Further, that 12.5 watch thickness give it the look to die for.Bakeey M-WATCH M6 ReviewThe watch is made of Steal and it also comes with the easy to change the strap. The stainless steel provides the durability to the watch. Yes, it also makes it a little heavy but still a good watch deserve a little weight. Also, you can easily change the strap so you can wear this watch on different purpose.

Transparent GlassBakeey M-WATCH M6 Review

This is what makes this watch unique. Unlike other smartwatches, it does not have the Super AMOLED or LED display. It has the transparent Glass, projects the entire important information write on a screen. The glass turns transparent as soon as the display is switched off and the watch is no longer in use. Moreover, the comfort of wearing the watch all day long is another great thing about it. With compatible dimensions and diameter, you can completely personalize your look through the stainless steel band that comes with it.

A Complete mix of trend and Technology

The smartwatch is just not a normal device that functions to impress you on the Routine basis. Also, it is a style stimulator that adds much Swag to your look. The meticulous look of the smartwatch gives it an excellent craft made with a high glossy curve and exquisite details.

Fitness Tracking Features

Amongst several special Features of the smartphone review, some of them include –Bakeey M6 Review

● Activity tracker – The Activity tracker with built-in pedometer measures the heart rate and monitors your footsteps. It also lets you have customized health kids and workouts.
● Music – The internal memory of the watch lets you download application through which your favorite music is always at your disposal
● Link alarm -The vibrating alert and audible alarm feature with the help of Wireless Range is possible on the smartphone review
● GPS -You can conveniently track your location and find where you are through the inbuilt GPS Technology
● Notification – The built-in motor let you know about the incoming messages and calls through general vibration

The extremely impressive exteriors embed all the technological factors that we have discussed above. So just say goodbye to the traditional mechanical watch working on your rest. Instead, go for the digital control side keys that let you manage multiple functions with just 3 simple buttons.

Waterproof Craftsmanship

Definitely, you will be carrying the Smartwatch everywhere you go. Therefore, the waterproofing allows durability and freedom to check notification anytime you feel like. Even in heavy rainfall and Shallow water, you can access social media notifications and get notifications of Calls.


You don’t have to charge the battery every day to make it work. The integrated power supply through the smart module lets the device function up to 40 days on normal mode. However, if you use this power saving mode, the device works for more than 150 days. The standby time of the smartwatch varies on usage frequency. Without any charging port, you can plug the socket and make the battery phone.

Bakeey M6: Review & Conclusion

The Bakeey M6 Smartwatch is absolutely compatible with Android and iPhone users. With the help of M-Watch app, you can manage your routine workouts and route daily activities through the Smartwatch itself. Easy to change strap will always make you ready according to your mood. Change the strap whenever you feel like and give it a new look every day.

The Watch is available for just $62.99 on Banggood and expected delivery within 3 – 5 days. So far the watch is worth it for its price.

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