Audials One 2020 is a multipurpose media application. You can use this awesome software to find, save, and record music, movies, radio, podcasts, Live-TV, and more from streaming services all around the globe!

This is a handy upgrade to the previous 2019 version. This multi-functional application costs you around $3.49 monthly or $59.90 if you buy it on a yearly subscription. A trial version is available even without registration for users who want to test it out. 

This is a wonderful tool for streaming content from Amazon Prime, Netflix, Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Hulu, and more. A multimedia application like Audials One has brought all of the rich features from top platforms under one roof so that you don’t have to pay for all of them. You can Download Audials for Android, Windows, And iOS. 

This application offers you – convenience and eases your stress of finding your favorite songs, movies, series, radio, and more with the help of its extremely easy-to-use interface and navigation.  

Let’s examine how Audials One performs on different parameters and is it really worth your money? 

Music & Recording 

Music feature stands out from all of the others of Audials One as they promise to deliver music seamlessly from all the streaming services and radio. In the sidebar navigation, there are 4 entries given to you – Music, Radio, Playlists, and Music Streaming. 

You can search for the music or artist directly in the search bar. On the search of an artist, all their works and albums are displayed on the screen.

Or else, when you click on Music, it displays a curated list of amazing music including music lists in the form of charts, compilations, and suggestions for related artists. 

Once you have the list, you can easily download the entire list of songs or individual songs that you like. The downloaded content can be found and played in the Audials One software or any external tool which can support the downloaded format. 

Recording songs or music is just a matter of one click. All you need to do is just tap on the “Record” icon and the track will be saved in the local system. You can even record multiple songs at a given time. 

Once you have set the recording of one song set, move to the next song and again click on the record icon. Recording of both songs will begin even without actually playing the song. 

Audials One 2020 supports recording and downloading music from sources like YouTube, and streaming services like Spotify, Deezer, Soundcloud, Amazon Music, and others. 

One thing that really helps a lot is “Wishlist”. If you don’t find the song you were searching for, you use the Wish option to basically make the program search for that song to record it when it becomes available. Just select the wish to tap below music to add a song to the wishlist. 

Audials One 2020 scans radio stations and records the songs you have in your wishlist. This is the easiest way to fulfill your list. This is due to the improvements in the Autocomplete option for wishlists.   

Also, once your playlist is done, you can export it to YouTube or Spotify. 

Radio & Podcasts 

The Audials One 2020 supports a gigantic number of 100,000+ radio stations from all over the world. It gives you an enormous catalog to find your favorite music from. 

But the best part is, in order to save you from the stress of looking out for your favorite channel among all this mess, Audials One 2020 has sorted the channels into different genres and countries.

So, you can choose from categories like pop, rock, and other or by typing in a specific country name. Radio stations that run advertisements before music are labeled as “Ads” to tell you beforehand.   

As much as 350,000+ global podcasts are displayed on Audials One 2020. New episodes are played automatically on the application. You can watch, listen, download, or even subscribe to the podcasts easily from the software itself. 

Not only that, but the application supports over 25,000 best video podcasts from all over the globe sorted in different categories. Save, watch, or subscribe to them as you desire. 

Movies, TV and More 

Not only music, but your videos can be recorded as well. The software pulls content from all the major streaming devices like Amazon Prime, Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and others without even losing the video quality. 

To eliminate all the unlawfulness, Audials One has worked with Google to make this feature legitimate. 

Anything you wish to watch, just type it in the search bar and Audials One 2020 will display mass results covering the content from all the major streaming services on the screen.

You can then proceed with either downloading it or recording it. (just press record button to start recording)

Using this feature, all of your favorite movies and TV series are at your disposal. The application has the highest resolution to offer for downloading videos smoothly.

For longer TV series, Audials One automatically saves every episode without you having to do it manually. All the downloaded content is stored under the Entertainment section afterward. You can either play it locally or any external video player that supports the downloaded format. 

As far as Live TV is concerned, there are 300+ live TV streams to choose from. Sports, news, movies, music and all the other genres are there to keep you entertained 24/7. 

 You can either play the Live TV or record it or even download it to watch them later. 

Additional Features 

  • Recordings can be scheduled on the application to ensure you get the first view of any movie or series when it goes live. 
  • Music recording is available in the Ultra HD, HiFi, or Master quality formats. 
  • There is an option for “Batch recording” to record multiple movies or videos at the same time. 
  • The application gives you an option to add covers or lyrics to songs automatically. 
  • Even the Audiobooks from Audible, Spotify, and Deezer can be saved. 
  • You can transfer the data wirelessly to your smartphone. 

The Verdict

Audials One 2020 is a media powerhouse that can be used to save literally anything from books, music to videos to your windows device. For audios, you have a huge number of sources and radios to look at, and when for videos, it covers nearly all the major streaming services you use. 

Even for converting the downloaded files or transferring files to other devices is at a few clicks away. 

This version is an excellent upgrade to its predecessor making streaming and downloading far too easy and quick. Spotify integration has improved substantially. It is good to see Audials taking notes and working on the feedbacks of their previous devices.

However, for newbies, getting along with the software might take some time as the robust build-up will make them scratch their heads a bit. 

But, all-in-all it is a significant media software for saving and streaming your favorite media. And with the TV and streaming world changing rapidly, applications like Audials will find themselves in demand.