The advent of Facebook saw businesses taking it up to leverage its powerful reach and appeal. Many businesses took to creating pages to engage thousands of their prospects, who were visiting the platform day in and out. From the onset, business owners worked hard to get likes. Even though a lot has changed when it comes to Facebook advertising, getting likes is still an objective for many marketers. Your journey to massive customer engagement will probably start with a like. Remember, nobody is likely to build interest in a page that has no likes at all.

Fast forward to 2018, it’s imperative to assess whether your focus should be revolving on ways to foster more likes or tactics to track Shares on Facebook. You need to know whether they are important or just insignificant assets to your business. The like button has a way of appealing to prospects. Apparently, your prospects only need to appreciate your brand by a simple click. With that click, it’s easy for the potential customer to find more about your brand or products on their timeline. This is one way of building a relationship and upping up your engagement game.

One like More Possibilities

Protagonists of the like button will say that liking a page hardly goes past one click. As a marketer, it’s advisable that you dwell on the positive impact of this button. One like opens up the possibility of a customer engaging your brand in more ways than one. The moment a user starts commenting on your brand’s timeline, you have the chance to build and foster close relationships. Even though there are no guarantee that a user who likes your page will keep coming back, it’s upon you to turn that like into a consistent conversation about your brand and the user’s needs.

There is no denying that a Facebook like will contribute toward better engagement and reach. Whereas there are no guarantees, it’s true that these likes still have an impact on your business. The fact that Facebook is still promoting the like page button and the promoted likes feature tells you that likes are crucial in building your reach and visibility.

More Likes Attract Attention

On average, Facebook pages with more likes tend to attract attention. Nobody will waste time hovering around a page whose likes aren’t a handful. If your prospects notice that you have over 50,000 likes, there is a possibility that they will stop to find out what interests such a huge number to like your page. If you know what strategy to use to get the right amount of likes, your conversions and visibility will rise.

If you manage to attract the right volume of likes, it’s easy to identify your audience and engage them better. With the right content, a user who likes your page will have no reason to hide you on their news feed. This means your posts and brand messages will appear exactly where you need them. Since you will be a constant feature on the timeline of people who have shown interest in your products, this can be a way of drawing them closer with incentives and contest. In the end, a simple like will open you up to opportunities and potential leads.

Combining Likes with Shares

There is a tendency for marketers to think that Facebook shares are the better option. With likes, however, it’s still possible to master and decipher your target audience trends. Its likes that will introduce you to new prospects and you can look for ways and methods of engaging those who like your page in the future. Shares are perfect when you want to expand reach. However, you will need them both to establish the right kind of rapport with your client base.