Learning French can be fun and easy if you have the right guidance and help. French is the fifth most spoken language in the world with more than a billion speakers. Our lives have been made so easy – courtesy of technological marvels.

You can learn French using various means these days anywhere and anytime. There is no need to enroll in a beginner French learning course at the teaching centers. Language learning apps can act as your teachers now!

Which brings us to the question – where do you find such apps? Won’t it be difficult to find the right app for you when numerous apps claim to be the best ones? Worry not! We have you covered with our handpicked best French language learning apps.

These apps are perfect for those who haven’t yet created any base for this new language and want to start from scratch. These apps have it all, from proper pronunciation to conversations and grammar to interactive sessions. Peruse the coming section to explore the top six French language learning apps for beginners.

Best Apps to Help Beginners Learn French

Learning a new language might not be as daunting as some beginners perceive it. All you need to do is choose from this list of apps that help you learn French based on your preferences. Once you choose the French learning app, all you must do is follow the modules with dedication and perseverance, and in no time, you will be speaking French fluently!

#1: Mondly

Mondly is ideal for first-time French students since it starts from the beginning. This language learning app teaches you all you need to know about the language – right from the basics.

It also has interactional dialogues and conversations with its chatbot, where you may practice speaking. The UI of Mondly is pretty impressive, and the sessions are easy to follow.

#2: MosaLingua

It’s one thing to learn French and another to grasp the language from its roots. If you are one of those French students who want to learn the language with a better insight into the French culture, then MosaLingua is the best choice.

MosaLingua interactive sessions, videos, songs, books, etc., to teach French to beginners. Using this would be an immersive language learning experience for freshers who want to be fluent in French.

#3: iTalki

Why not learn French from the native speakers? This is probably the right way to learn any language, isn’t it? Converse with the native French speakers using iTalki. The app offers immense options to choose from over 1100 native on-demand tutors who can be your mentors in the journey.

What’s more attractive is that you can also control what you learn during each session. Hence you can control the speed at which you learn French with iTalki.

#4: Busuu

What if you want to start with improving your writing skills and learning the French language? Well, there is an app for that as well! Busuu app can help you improve your writing skills and learn vocabulary and grammar.

This app makes learning French fun with games, flashcards, and thought-provoking exercises. The community forum in Busuu is a great place to get your queries answered promptly.

#5: Rocket Languages

If you want to start learning French from scratch and then move to the advanced level learning at one place, then opt for Rocket Languages. This app aims at offering courses that would get you started at the beginner level, and as you progress, you can take up advanced sessions.

Rocket Languages uses native speakers so that you can understand the speed at which French is spoken naturally. This app uses a self-paced learning approach where you can control the speed you learn the new language.

#6: Drops

And lastly, we have Drops! This language learning app is considered one of the ideal options for beginners. The app uses animation to offer translation from English to French, and you can learn different words and phrases with such methodology.

The interface used by Drops is very impressive, and the features are pretty straightforward. Drops lets you set your learning duration for each day so you can stay dedicated to learning every day.

Final Thoughts

Every new language you learn enhances your knowledge and improves your skills. You get to learn more about a new culture and become more confident while conversing with native speakers.

So, whether you want to learn French to improve your resume, prepare for your exams, or just for fun, just remember that it’s not that difficult. Use the shortlisted and handpicked apps from this article to get started on learning French today!

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