It’s all very well having the money to splash on a personal trainer who comes round every morning to whip the duvet off you, tear the curtains open and scream you into action, but for those of us who aren’t Hollywood celebrities or professional athletes we must rely on good old-fashioned willpower if we are to get a solid workout completed within the confines of our own humble abode. That said, there are things we can take away from the approaches of professional athletes and movie stars, but sometimes we need a helping hand, something to replace the screaming drill master. That’s where apps come in handy, and not just for staying fit, but for predicting what will happen next in your beloved sport or for finding that perfect tune that keeps your heart rate under control. Whether you want to cap your workout off with a cheeky flutter on the horses, check how many calories you’ve burned mid-sweat or decipher which muscle group you need to focus on the following day, there is an app to suit your every need.

Home Workout Apps

Home fitness is a massive growing trend, with people eager to stay fit without having to leave the comfort of their own home. Latching onto this growing niche in the market are celebrities and athletes alike, all of whom are putting their own unique twists on the genre. Former Olympic champion Jessica Ennis-Hill is one of them with her app Jennis Fitness, which is particularly focused on helping women with post-natal and pregnancy workouts, for when your bump makes it tricky to complete a sit-up or push-up. If curly-haired hunks are more your thing, then perhaps the founder of the “Lean in 15” workout plan, Joe Wicks, is the man to put you through your paces with his high-intensity workouts that will have you puffing even after just fifteen sweat-drenched minutes.

Sports Prediction Apps

There are many sports prediction apps out there in app stores, all telling you that they can accurately foresee the upcoming results of all the biggest upcoming fixtures. Of course, were this the case they would be geniuses and their users would all be millionaires. The old adage of “if something’s too good to be true it probably is” most certainly applies here although there are useful comparison sites, which will help you find the best deals if you do wish to place a bet. However, the best places to look for sound advice usually comes from pundits who’ve been there and done it all. When it comes to that sort of content, the Bleacher Report app is right up there as one of the best along with those provided by sports broadcasters SkySports and BT Sport. Of course if you’re still not willing to do the hard graft to find a sure-fire winner, there is also the other option of grabbing yourself a casino bonus and seeing how far nothing but blind luck can take you instead.

A Running App

If you can escape the family and the house for a moment, then running apps are a great way to push you through those pesky time barriers. Two of the most popular are the Nike+ Running app and the new Nike+ Training Club app, the latter encouraging you to meet up with other Nike athletes whose fitness levels are akin to your own, allowing you all to better yourselves as a group. For those runners who need a competitive edge to get them out of bed in the morning, apps like Strava might be the way forward, which allow you to compete on leader boards and race leagues as well as tracking every aspect of your run or cycle.

Apps for Stats

Whether you’re trying to get in peak physical condition, training others or just looking for reasons why your beloved sports club might not lose this weekend, stats are a sure fire way to make sure you don’t end up with egg on your face. One of the best for sports stats is the free ESPN app, which has up-to-date statistics regarding sports taking place both sides of the Atlantic. Then for people with a desire to register every kick, tackle and goal, there’s the LiveScore app.