When it comes to tools made specifically for engineers, there is a long list of apps and software to choose from. And, that list is growing exponentially due to the increasing popularity of engineering as a field. Engineering students, as well as experienced engineers already working in various industries, can now find specific tools to use regardless of what they are trying to achieve.

Just like apps in general, however, not all engineering apps are created equal. Some apps offer more features and the right amount of intuitiveness, making them favorites among engineers. In this article, we are going to focus on the essential engineering apps.

Graphing Calculator

No engineer can live without a graphing calculator. It is such an essential tool in many different situations. Engineers even have favorite graphing calculators like the handy Ti-NspireCx by Texas Instruments.

Today, however, you can get a capable graphics calculator on your phone. The Graphic Calculator app for iOS allows you to access the same advanced features found in handheld graphing calculators but without having to carry a dedicated device.

Another app for calculation is the LuxCalc Fluid Calculator. This app is for more specific uses, as it only handles calculations of thermodynamics and fluid properties. If you are in the field of mechanical engineering, however, the LuxCalc Fluid Calculator is invaluable.

Altium Designer

While not a mobile app, Altium Designer is a unique design software and a capable one at the same time. It is a tool that focuses on circuit board design, allowing engineers to produce custom boards and hardware-based solutions with immense precision.

Altium Designer is user-friendly and intuitive. You can learn how to design a circuit board and immediately give the software a try – you’d be surprised by how quickly you can get from a schematic to a working custom circuit board with this software.

Altium Designer also handles details of the board, including testing for component mismatch, checking clearance and efficiency of the routes, and creating 3D models for the boards you design in this software. It certainly makes developing custom boards a viable option in more situations.


Blender isn’t the first app that comes to mind when talking about apps and software for engineers, but the software is being used in engineering more often than before thanks to its toolsets and modeling capabilities.

Blender is a 2D/3D CAD software with a long list of tools waiting to be utilized. If you can imagine a design, you can build it in Blender. In fact, the user interface of Blender has been slowly shifting towards catering to technical users more and more.

Blender’s true strength, however, lies in its modelling and rendering tools. You can create realistic models and produce photo-quality renders without having to jump from one design tool to another. This alone makes the engineering design process more streamlined.

Apps and software for engineers are easy to find, and it will only get better as more tools get introduced to the market. Whether you are looking for simple smartphone apps to help you solve equations or a design tool capable of producing accurate 3D models for printing, there is always a solution that fits your needs perfectly.

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