The most difficult aspect of studying is staying organized and maintaining a good schedule. Getting lost in assignments, notes, and ideas can make you feel too overwhelmed to get to work. Thankfully, you can use your android smartphone to make things easier by relying on apps to help you study efficiently.

Applications for your Android Smartphone
Applications for your Android Smartphone

Educational applications for students use productivity methods and organization tactics to optimize your study routine. This is our list of the best apps for students that will turn your academic life around. Whether you struggle writing papers or you need a cheap or free note-taking app, you will find all the help you need here.

Top Educational Applications for Students

1# Daily Planner

Daily Planner is one of the best apps to help you study because it keeps you accountable regarding your daily activities. You can use a daily schedule with color-coded tasks such as the number of study hours or writing assignments. The possibility to add checklists and reminders is a useful feature. Additionally, you can connect it to your Google calendar.

2# Grammarly

Among all educational applications for students, Grammarly is probably one of the most beloved because it allows users to keep an outstanding quality in their papers even in the tiniest detail. This is because Grammarly can thoroughly check your essay for grammar, spelling, and proper word use before you submit it to your professor.


A small grammar mistake it’s possible when you’re tired and stressed, and Grammarly can easily capture it so you won’t face costly consequences for something so basic. Since it works in email and chat messages, you will look professional in your communication by using it consistently.

3# Kahoot!

Kahoot! is a useful app for students who love to use flashcards, learning games, and quizzes while studying. It includes study guides of all levels of complexity. For college students in fields such as medicine, sciences, or engineering, this app can rapidly increase their study results. Users also have the freedom to create personalized flashcards and interact with students from their field of study through virtual study sessions.

4# Evernote

Do you struggle writing your term paper or your dissertation? Evernote is a note-taking app that can bring together all your sources, references, and ideas in one place. You can use it to combine all the material you need and then either start writing or find dissertation help from PapersOwl by sharing the material with someone who can write the paper for you. Professional writers will do your dissertation while you do more important things.

What sets Evernote apart is the fact that it can capture a note in any format including video, audio, and text. You can also add handwritten notes. This is one of the best apps for students who want to do collaborative work and share documents.

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5# Office Lens

The Microsoft Office package is greatly popular among students, and the Office Lens apps from Microsoft fits right with their needs. What makes it one of the most useful apps for students is that it allows you to take pictures of any text, whether a document, receipt, magazine page, or blackboard, and then convert it into editable text.  You can save the image with the text as a Pdf or Word document.

6# Microsoft Office

There are not yet educational applications for students that can compare with the range of features offered by Microsoft Office. This free mobile app includes all popular programs such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Besides being able to store documents in the cloud, you can sync it with the desktop version.

The Microsoft Office app also allows for quick and reliable exchange of documents. If you pay someone to write or edit an essay for you on a cheap custom writing website, they can use a feature like track changes from Word, so you can see on your phone their edits and additions.

7# Google Drive 

A good way to study easier is to have all your documents in one place, preferably online. This is where Google Drive can prove useful because it allows you to save and store documents online, so even if your laptop crashes, all your work can be retrieved.

plagiarism checking tool

When you write essays and papers with Google Drive, you can also use other online services such as a grammar checker instead of asking someone to do it for you. By being able to do all these processes online, you save time and can have in your mind very clearly the correct steps to follow before sending a paper to your professor.

8# Flashcards Deluxe

Research suggests that using flashcards is an effective way to study, which is why Flashcards Deluxe should be the top app you go to when you open your smartphone. With this app, you can create your own flashcards by either inputting information or uploading material directly. Flashcards can be organized in folders and by categories so you can browse them more easily. Check out the shared library for flashcards uploaded by other users.

Since college students spend so much time glued to their smartphone, using apps to help you study is a trick that can transform your screen-addiction into a productive habit. Download the apps that fulfil a weakness of yours and work more efficiently with the help of innovative technology.


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