If you are looking for a phone that is full of features and has a stylish design you can go forward without thinking twice for iPhones are the most reliable brand till now they are best for their regular updates, their desirable hardware settings, and a very good performance camera. If you are facing a financial issue then you can use the wholesale cell phone option. 

The iPhone usage is increasing daily, which shows that the phone has something to do with the performance. However, there is a lot of improvement in its battery life, its camera functioning, and other things in the iOS system. You can see that iPhones are quite expensive but the processor that you have in your Apple phone is known to be the best in the smartphones. So without any doubt, you can totally rely on these phones. You can also reply to the wholesale electronics

  • iPhone 13 Pro Max

The new iPhone 13 Pro is all you need. This phone looks very similar to last year’s iPhone 12 pro max but there is a lot of difference in their features. iPhone 13 Pro Max has improved their previous battery capacity and battery life, there is a big difference between its hardware and the efficiency of display technology. The new display of the iPhone 13 Pro Max gives you a better refresh rate than previous iPhones. The iPhone 13 Pro Max gives you a refresh rate of 120 Hz and the best thing is that you can lower the refresh rate to save a battery up to 10 Hz. The smooth display technology is what you want in every iPhone. If you talk about the photographic front the zoom of the camera can be improved to 6x. If you are a photography lover and love to post pictures on Instagram and Facebook, you must go for this phone. You can also go for videos with this phone.

  • iPhone 12 Pro

iPhone 13 Pro is a little brother of the iPhone 13 Pro Max. There may be some difference in their sizes but iPhone 13 Pro has the same triple rear camera as iPhone 13 Pro max and exact same features. The cameras are very similar to iPhone 12 Pro. If you want a phone with a smaller display than others and don’t need a battery with a full life, then you might go for iPhone 13 Pro. 

There is no such difference in both iPhone 13 Pro and pro-Max as they both give the same ProMotion update. That gives a smooth refreshing of the display. The iPhone 13 Pro comes with a 6.1-inch while the Pro Max comes with a 6.7- inches display. This product is pocket friendly and handy.  

You may feel a little similarity between iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro but iPhone 13 Pro is a little thicker than the 12 Pro. 

  • iPhone SE

All of us want to try a pocket-friendly phone once in our life. so Apple decided to fulfill our need and brought us a few years ago iPhone SE. That iPhone SE got updated and with a lot of new features was again introduced in 2022. In 2020 also it was introduced in a lot of new forms along with a sensor fingerprint lock. These phones are quite affordable and are available in different colors. 

The features you will get in iPhone SE are that it supports 5G and its processor has some new changes. The display size has changed, added a fingerprint ID, and has a single rear camera. The processor is now giving more battery life and other improved qualities. This phone is best to give you the first photos of your life. 

  • iPhone 13

If you want to go for the same Apple series phone but at a lesser price, you can go for iPhone 13. This device is similar to iPhone 13 Pro. It has the same size at 6.1- inches. All things are the same except the ProMotion feature. That means that it has a less refreshing rate. If you are not so technical lover and considering money then you must go for iPhone 13. This phone has one rear camera-less. They don’t support heavy AR/VR.   upcharge. 

  • iPhone 13 Mini

Small phones are easy to carry for all of us. That’s why iPhone manufacturers decided to make an iPhone 13 Mini in 2021. Now, this phone carries the same facilities as in iPhone 13. The only difference is that it only has a display in smaller size and less battery capacity. 

The processor which is there in iPhone 13 is powering iPhone 13 Mini also. It has a dual camera in the back like the iPhone 13 and other features like face ID, 5G networking, and charging of wireless chargers. The users can extend up to 512 GB of storage in addition. 

  • iPhone 12

Unlike the iPhone 13 series, Apple first came with the 12th generation of Apple. They come with 6.1- inch displays like iPhone 12 Pro. The only thing that is not available in iPhone 12 is the ProMotion feature. The pro-motion feature was quite an expensive thing to have.  

This phone has a single camera and uses LiDAR. 

Customers who want a phone on a low budget and don’t need any pro cameras can go for it and save their pocket for other uses. This phone is easy to use with high-end features.  

  • iPhone 12 Mini

If you are an iPhone lover but don’t want to invest much in it, you can choose iPhone 12 mini. With a display of 5.4-inch, the phone is a package of everything. This phone is a clone of its iPhone 12 series. They have the same built-in technology as iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12 Pro. This phone is again pocket and budget-friendly iPhone. 

The Apple processor and the dual camera that is in the rear place it same as iPhone 12. Everything such as the Face lock, 5G, and charging with a wireless charger is the same as in all iPhone 12. 


While we can acknowledge that Apple’s latest and the best in line is no doubt the iPhone 13 Pro Max, we can always make the choice of buying based on our personal requirements. iPhone 13 Pro has new and latest features. Still, iPhone 11, & iPhone 12 also come with a great camera and a powerful Bionic system, which enables you to do daily functions quickly and efficiently. In comparison to Android phones, iPhone SE offers smooth and speedy processors and impressive battery life. Thus, it depends on the user’s needs, budget, and heavy usage as to which iPhone they should pick out of the lot. 

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