It’s not the first time that Amazon has come up with an e-reader. But the latest Kindle Oasis e-reader from Amazon is the best e-reader you can buy. The Amazon Kindle Oasis is a pricey e-reader. But for the price, you get lots of features and today we bring you an overview of the device and what it is capable osis e reader

The Interesting thing about this E-readers is waterproof. The functionality and features of the Oasis is exactly same. Let’s take a deep look at the Kindle Oasis how it is different from others:

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Amazon Kindle Oasis Specifications

Let us kick off by looking into the key hardware specifications of the Amazon Kindle Oasis E-Reader.

  • 7-inch E-ink paper-white display with 300PPI.
  • Aluminum body.
  • IPX8 certified for water resistance.
  • 8GB/32GB inbuilt storage.
  • WiFi / WiFi + Cellular variants.
  • 12 LED inbuilt lights with an adaptive light sensor.
  • Battery life rated for weeks in a single charge.

All-New Amazon Kindle Oasis Review

The Kindle Oasis is the first Amazon e-reader device to feature waterproofing and can be submerged up to 2 meters deep for up to about 60 minutes long. Which is something new by the Amazon. Now you can read while enjoying in pool or at beach.

Another first for Kindle devices is the high-resolution display. The display now accommodates 30% more words in a page and offers glare-less texts with laser-type quality that works really well even under bright sunlight.waterproof-kindle-oasis

The all-aluminum built and design is really lightweight and well-optimized for one-handed use and there is no discomfort in using the device for an extended time as well. There are dedicated buttons for turning pages or the touch-screen can be used as well. The orientation of pages will also automatically change depending on whether you are using the device right-handed or left-handed.

The Kindle Oasis comes in either 8GB or 32GB storage variants, both of which can offer storage for lots of content. The device also offers greater personalization options for users wherein they can set the font size, boldness level, etc. for ease of use.

The battery life on the Amazon Kindle Oasis is great too. The device offers weeks-long battery life and a single full charge of the battery can power the Oasis up to 6 weeks provided the usage is restricted to minimum reading hours, Bluetooth and WiFi switched OFF and display lighting set to minimum.

Apart from the waterproofing and great quality display, another distinctive feature of the Amazon Kindle Oasis is its integration with audio books from Audible. Audible is a great source of content and using Audible with the Oasis is also a breeze. However, the lack of headphone jack means that you will need to use a pair of Bluetooth headphones or Bluetooth speakers for audio.

Another great benefit of the Oasis, thanks to its audible integration, is that if you own an e-book and audiobook of the same content, the device will automatically sync your progress between the two. Meaning, you can listen to the audiobook of the content for a while and then switch to the e-book for reading the same content and begin right where you left with the audiobook.

There are different cases for the Kindle Oasis as well. The cases stick on to the device with the help of magnets fitted on the back of the Oasis and you can also keep the device standing on a desk with the help of the case.

Final Words

The Amazon Kindle Oasis is the best e-reader that you can currently buy. With a price tag of $279 on Amazon, the device offers all the features that one could ask for in a kindle, including waterproofing, high-quality display, great design and built quality and connectivity.

The bigger screen, wireless connectivity, and the exceptionally great battery life make the Amazon Kindle Oasis a must-buy device for anyone who is interested in extensive reading no matter where they go.