Amazon has previously launched a lot of AI devices like Echo Dot, Echo Plus, Echo Show. All of these devices are powered by the Alexa which is an AI. All you have to set up the device and say “Hey Alexa” and the device will be able to do all you want like Playing Music, News, Booking a Cab and many things.

After the launch of Echo show that was embedded with a touch screen, display, and marvelous video shooting caliber. It was indeed a nice device for making calls and showcasing kind information. So now you have to upgrade yourself Echo show to Echo spot With same functionality and cuter package, the product is the best for watching videos and doing other stuff at $130.Amazon Echo Spot

Echo spot is the best product Amazon has ever brought to the market. As compare to other device Echo Spot can make video call which others can’t. This is one of the biggest advantages of the Echo Spot. With the circular display and impressive plastic body gives it a look of a retro style alarm clock. You can place it in your personal room or anywhere in the house. The device is perfect for kitchen and other places of home.

Minimalistic Design 

Coming straight to the look of the device, it resembles the face of an alarm clock. The relatively compact and lightweight gadget measures 4.1 X 3.8 X 3.6 inches. It has a total weight of.9 pound which makes it quite easy to Carry.Amazon Echo Spot

The amazing Matte finish plastic that is available in impressive white and black color inhibits a circular display that is going to attract your interest for sure. With the overall measurement of 4.5 inches, Eco spot has the resolution of 480 x 480.

The tiny screen is not going to disappoint you because it has adequate space to display the required information. In fact, when you use this device personally, you will happy to see the screen quality of the device is exceptionally good. It efficiently displays the calendar, trending headlines, to do list, weather information, and basic

The device is not impressive for watching videos for a long time. It has a total of three buttons located right over its head for volume, camera and microphone adjustment. Behind it has a Power port and 3.5 mm audio jack that lets you insert headphones and speakers. Also, there is an option for a microphone, Wi-Fi connectivity, and Bluetooth radio connection. A blue circle appears on the display when Alexa’ is listening to your instructions. As soon as you turn off the microphone, the same circle turns red in color.


If you have used any previous Amazon Echo product then this will be easy for you else you can follow the given steps into the manual. All you need to do Download the Amazon Echo Dot app and follow the instructions.Amazon Echo Spot

You can also use this as an external Bluetooth speaker by connecting it to your smartphone. You can adjust the brightness and put it in the sleeping mode, which is much needed. It has commendable WIFI settings, Bluetooth, and camera disabling option. There are 12 options to alter clock faces. Both digital and analog designs can be selected for supporting your personal photos as the background of these clocks. The touchscreen efficiently works for playing media. It lets you execute the majority of the task by adding more functionality through the touch

Unlike other echo devices, this gadget is easy to set up. You can conveniently manage the screen as instructions are clearly displayed on it. I have used the Echo Dot and must say there is one feature is missing and that is calling and Amazon has provided that feature as well. So there is nothing that can’t be done by the Alexa.

What All Can The Device Do?

After knowing the features, anybody would get tempted to discover more about it. To tell you in a General parameter, Eco spot can stream music, set alarm, set a cooking timer and showcase traffic and weather conditions. It displays Up 2-minute information and is compatible with smart home devices from Amazon. Even if you have kept it in your closet, it will immediately respond to your command which gives another reason to own one more Alexa device despite having more.

As mentioned above, Echo spot has a touch screen and arrangement of showcasing weather condition. It not only lets you visualize the displayed content but also here whatever is showcased. The most important thing you can make hands-free calls to any contact from the Echo Dot. All you have to say “Hey Alexa Call Name” and it’s done.

Price & Availablity

Echo spot is a unique device that doesn’t have many competitors. The Amazon is available on the Amazon at $129.99. Looking at the price and features it seems worthy. The echo spot is a compact Smart Alarm Clock with AI.

Design & Apperance
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