Before, we’d only describe people as smart. Gradually, advancements brought smart gadgets in our hands, and now we are living in smart homes. Smart gadgets have proved to be time-saving by accompanying us in day-to-day tasks. Today, we are enlisting 5 intelligent devices to make your smart homes smarter. Have a look!

Smart Soup Maker

When it’s cold outside or you’re feeling sick, there’s nothing quite like soup to warm you up and make you feel better. Canned soup is not very exciting, however, and it can be time-consuming making soup from scratch. If you don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen cooking, a good soup can seem out of reach in a pinch. Luckily, smart soup makers are here to save the day! Yes, now you can enjoy the healthy homemade soup of your choice in just 15-20 minutes with these soup makers. Their prices vary according to the variety of programs and capacities they are offering.

You only need to add the ingredients. This smart gadget will blend them well, and you will get the ready-to-eat soup according to the desired texture. Moreover, most of them come up with the recipe book with delicious recipes that are easy to make. Select the recipe, dump in ingredients, and it will handle the rest.

Smart Vacuum

Gone are the days of dragging a heavy vacuum around the house and getting tangled in its cord. Yes, now, at one click, you can employ the services of a smart mini vacuum in your house to clean carpets, kitchen tiles, hard floors, and even tons of your furry buddies’ hairs. 

This makes a great, time-saving gift for busy moms. Smart vacuums have onboard cameras, multiple sensors, and smart laser mapping to create the ideal cleaning path with no-go lines while avoiding obstacles along the way. Especially “D” design robots keep home sparkling clean by never missing corners as well edges of the wall where the worst dirt hides. Some expensive vacuums have integrated ultra-performance filters to trap allergens and itchy stuff. If you need voice control, then companies give you the option to connect them with voice-enabled devices such as Alexa and Google Assistant. Their prices vary according to functionality, dustbin capacity, and battery time.

Smart Home Light Bulb

Every smart home needs this basic, but helpful tool: smart lighting. You can control light bulbs or light switches with accompanying apps as well as through voice control gadgets such as Alexa and Google Assistant. Their motion sensors allow you to control their functionality based on the opening and closing of the door. They could adjust brightness automatically according to morning and evening time. Moreover, you can adjust them according to vacation mood or custom schedule. They turn on and off several times a day to make it feel like someone is home. Smart bulbs are convenient, and they will help cut down your energy bill. 

Smart Microwave oven

It feels so annoying when food gets overheated or is left with some cold spots because of the wrongly estimated microwave timer. This scenario gets worse when tens of dishes need to be heated in the presence of guests. Here, a smart food warmer is your best buddy. Now smart microwave + broilers are also available, which gives even more options to cook your food. 

There is no need to keep checking the heating level of food after a few minutes. Their genius sensors automatically adjust power and times according to food items. Companies also integrated delay timer functionality for the convenience of consumers. Moreover, they have a pre-programmed sensor menu for perfect heating of popular foods like frozen foods, coffee, popcorn, and vegetables. If you have kids, then look for one with child safety locks.

Smart Sprinkler Controller

How can we forget the “go green” slogan here? Greenery gives us a soothing effect. Still, unfortunately, busy work schedules do not let us keep proper care of our gardens. Now, a smart sprinkler controller is here for greenery lovers. It allows you to remotely control the irrigation system by running pre-scheduled sprinklers and skipping watering on rainy days. Along with letting us take care of our plants, they save us monthly water bills as well as water resources. It is the basic functionality of these controllers, but you can get way more than this in comparatively expensive ones. 

For voice control, you need to connect them with Alexa or Google assistant. Moreover, they have the functionality to skip watering plants according to weather requirements. 

Mount them near your existing irrigation controller; many smart sprinklers work well with low-voltage systems as well. Afterward, install the supplied wires according to the company’s manual. In the final step, it needs to be connected with the accompanying app for smart control. Most of these systems work with both operating systems – Android and iOS. 

We hope that these smart gadgets’ information proved to be helpful for you. Now, instead of hiring helpers, you should consider employing their services. So, which one is your favorite among our best picks for smart home gadgets? Let us know in the comments.

Founder, editor, and contributor at Technosoups. Shubham has been a gadget freak since longer than he cares to admit and loves everything to do with technology. He loves to address tech issues​es and write tech how-to's in a way that it can be followed by everyone.