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But, for some, the fantastical casino games, chips and machines hold the key to achieving some incredible feats. Throughout casino history there are some unforgettable moments of amazement and wonder, so let us run you through our top five world records that made it to the Guinness World Records’ Hall of Fame.

  1. Largest slot machine tournament

It may come as a surprise that this world record wasn’t in fact broken in the city of lights itself, Las Vegas, where the slot machines outnumber the citizens by 8:1. To celebrate its 21st anniversary on 30th April 2016, the Muckleshoot Casino in Washington, USA, collaborated with Everi Games Inc to conduct the largest slot machine tournament.

With hundreds of machines in play, the tournament involved 3,173 participants. A grand total of $100,000 was awarded overall and the tournament’s top player received an outstanding $21,000 cash prize – plus a trip to the famous Las Vegas to compete in the Everi Game’s TournEvent of Champions later that year, with a chance to win the top prize of $1 million.

  1. Most slot machines running the same game simultaneously

Back in 2013, the dream team of Mohegan Sun Casino and the slot machine manufacturer,Bally Technologies, broke the record for the most slot machines running the same game simultaneously – all whilst trying to set the world record for the largest slot tournament, which was later then lost to Muckleshoot Casino in 2016 (as detailed above).

Starting at 6am, a huge crowd formed a line to register for the world record and the consequent contest, with a chance to win one of 200 prizes by playing the game. As a result, on 27th April 2013, in Mohegan Sun Montville of Connecticut, 1,610 slot machines all ran the same game at the same time – the popular slot game at the time, Hot Shot.

  1. Largest functioning blackjack table

The year 2012 saw thelargest Blackjack table enter the world record books, measuring at a whopping 120 times the size of a regular Blackjack table. Not only was the size of the table impressive, but it was actually fully functioning as a gaming table as well – although it was only used to play one hand of Blackjack.

Built by Viejas Casino in SouthernCalifornia on 13th September 2012, it had a 206.85 metres squared surface area. The table, commissioned to celebrate the casino’s 21stanniversary, was so large that the dealer was required to stand on it during play. With six special guests playing Blackjack, there was even oversized casino chips and cards to match the scale of the giant table.

  1. Most valuable casino chip

Of course, each chip is valuable when inside a land-based casino, where you can exchange these special tokens for real cash. But for this world record, the Canadian designer, Gerald N. Lewy created a casino chip adorned with 17 brilliant cut diamonds, as well as 64 natural pink diamonds around the round edge, set in a 22 karat, pink satin-finished gold disc. On 30th May 2013 it entered the Guinness World Record books as the most valuable casino chip, worth $433,105 US dollars (£292,677).

  1. Longest marathon blackjack dealing

A typical working day for a Blackjack dealer at a land-based casino sees an hour of dealing at a time, followed by a 20-minute break. But for this world record Stephen De Raffaele exceeded that time, and then some.

In August 2001, the Blackjack dealer from Malta spent a staggering 51 hours and 33 minutes dealing for the classic game at the Oracle Casino, Qawra. He was allowed to stop for 15-minute break every eight hours, but the feat of prolonged dealing made it into the world record books.

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