To grab the attention of the customers, Alfawise has introduced the Alfawise ZK8077 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner which an automatic sensor robotic device to be used in cleaning the dirt and dust of a house. At the initial stage, it has been introduced in Gray color and a circular pattern.

This robotic vacuum cleaner has been launched with the advanced stage in cleaning every corner of a house autonomously. So this is the time to get rid of the mechanical techniques of cleaning a house. The user can automatically be a multi-tasker while using this device. It bears the programmed capacity to explore and navigate through the house and clean the required corners irrespective of the barriers.

The significance of Alfawise Robotic Cleaner     

The Alfawise cleaner signifies its usage being an automatic sensor robotic device that wipes off the dust and cleans every nooks and corner of the house without the mechanical touch of the user. It promotes the multitasking behavior of a user during its usage. The most attractive part of it is recharging its battery autonomously. Whenever the battery power is low, the device automatically returns to the docking station and recharge its battery. This one really seems to amazing and insisting on buying the product.

Alfawise ZK8077 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner: Design

The product comes with a beautiful look and a long lasting durable built quality. You can efficiently use it for cleaning and other purposes without worrying about any product damages. The cleaner has an auspicious present, and one can easily find it with ease, due to its outstanding look and design.

Alfawise ZK8077 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner: Battery

The Alfawise Robotic Vacuum Cleaner comes with a built-in 2000 mAh Li-ion battery that can last for long hours. You can expect a lot from this automated robotic cleaner as it has enough battery power to clean your house at one go. And this makes the product even more valuable and precious for users.

Alfawise ZK8077 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner: Remote Control

The device comes with exceptional service such as Remote control which means you can easily control this device from a distance through a remote although the distance limit for such transmission. You can remotely control the device under the distance of 4m. And you also get virtual blocker which works only if your device is within the range of 3m.

Alfawise ZK8077 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner: Other Features

The features possessed by the Robotic Vacuum Cleaner are of high significance for a user. All these features are as given below:

  • Automated Services

The device can move and act autonomously while collecting dust due to its pre-programmed function and returns to the touch screen enabled docking station to recharge.

  • Timer Options

The timer can be set as per the schedule for the device to start working.

  • More than one way to Operate

There are 2 different ways to operate the device. The cleaner can be controlled with the remote control or the panel on the top.

  • Virtual Blocker

The virtual blocker present in the device can be used to specify the area that needs to be cleaned.

  • Voice Reminder

The presence of the voice reminder in the cleaner would help to remind us of the full dustbin, wheel twinning, glitches, or undercharging, etc. by a specific sound.

  • Better Cleaning with automation

It can autonomously detect the dirt and dust while navigating throughout the house for its cleaning.

Alfawise ZK8077 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner: Price

Alfawise ZK8077 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Virtual Blocker is in the launching stage where the presale of the product had started from 8th June and will end on 16th July. During this period, it already has many pre-orders with the presale price of $186.99 excluding the shipping cost (which varies depending upon countries). As for example, the shipping cost to India is around $21.57 via Expedited Shipping.

For the promotional stage, it offers an additional purchase deal as- If the cart subtotal exceeds $100.00, the buyer can buy 1particular add-on for $6.99. Again, if the cart subtotal exceeds $60.00, one can buy a 1special add-on for $2.99. The discounts are automatically applied to the shopping cart before checkout.

Alfawise ZK8077 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner: Reviews

It is challenging to conclude overall with unsatisfactory reviews as the product passes quite well on every test concerning the layout and structure, the cleaning features, the advanced robotic features, battery backup, as per the support of power voltage and even the pricing structure. Thus, to give it a final review, the Alfawise ZK8077 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner works extraordinarily well and proves to be the best robotic vacuum cleaner in the current market scenario.