As you know technology is growing day by day, and it is affecting every field relating to a human being, as it also has positive effects on human health. Nowadays people are more attentive to their health so that they are using technology for productive works as well as to maintain health. This reason generates the need for such wearable devices which enables to track health along with comfort.

Alfawise is a manufacturing company which provides smart wearable bracelets with a wide range of variety. B7 Pro is one of the kinds of such devices made by Alfawise. Alfawise B7 Pro has 0.96 inches colored OLED display. It also enables us to measure the heart rate along with the sleep monitor. It has an accelerometer to track the different thing during running like distance covered, time taken, calories burned which leads to good health to live a happy life.

Moreover, Alfawise B7 Pro price is the key feature, on the price tag of $20 it offers a lot of features that you can find in Fitbit, Xiaomi smart bands. Let’s take a look at these features is it really good enough to beat the fitness tracker by the top-notch companies.

Alfawise B7 Pro: Design and Display

The Alfawise B7 Pro comes with TFT LED display which is good enough to display content. But the TFT display not that vibrant as OLED display so the color will not be that satisfying. The dial is provided with a rectangle shape. Without any discomfort, it will fit in every hand either it is thick or thin. The material used to make is TPU, and a case is made out of ABS, PC. You can track the activities like running, jumping rope, cycling, and badminton as it is provided with the sports mode feature.alfawise f7 pro smartband review

On the bottom of the display, there is a touch space with the help of that you can switch between the different apps, modes. The display of the Alfawise B7 pro shows all the notification of your smartphone on your write like calls, massage, email etc. The B7 Pro comes with an interchangeable band so any time you want to change the strap you can do easily.

Alfawise B7 Pro: Fitness Tracking Features

The Alfawise B7 Pro is made with a feature for the people who are more attentive to their health. This feature enables the particular person to measure their heart rates so that they can get actual data about the health of the heart. This helps to get the treatment on time before a significant hazard.alfawise f7 pro smartband reviewThe Band also measures the Calory burnt by you while doing gyming, running anything else. All the data will be in sync with your smartphone which is connected with your band through Bluetooth.alfawise f7 pro smartband review

The B7 pro also has the Pedometer to keep track on your daily walking, how much distance you have covered and speed. As we know that sleeping is essential to our health. If we are not taking enough sleep, then we will accompany many health problems. These problems can be tracked by it as it is provided with a sleep monitoring feature. It will send you to alert if you are not getting sleep according to the standards. Which also helps in sleep analysis.

Alfawise B7 Pro: Bluetooth Synchronization

While doing exercise if you are wearing the Alfawise B7 pro, then you can track all the sports data as it enables Bluetooth 4.0 pairing. So many languages are provided in this smart bracelet which can also be paired with its official app for Android and iOS devices. The app also allows you to analyze all your data and set the goals of the daily exercise.alfawise f7 pro smartband review

With the help of the app, you can also customize the notification which you want to show on the band. The app will also help you to upgrade the firmware of B7 pro.

Alfawise B7 Pro: Alerts and Reminders

If you are using this product while any type of activity and want to get every notification like social media, calls, messages, alarm, and reminders so that you don’t miss important work, then this product is for you. You will feel free from tension to forget essential projects that have to be done.

The bracelet also offers vibration alerts for different activities which you can turn it on from the settings section on the watch. And this eventually makes it very good for heavy users. You can get any type of notification like alarm, call remainder, social notification, and about burned calories.

Alfawise B7 Pro: Compatible Operating System

The smart bracelet by Alfawise is made to support both Android and iOS users. This feature makes it more competitive and productive. It is compatible with 8.0 or above version of iOS and 4.4 or above version of Android.

Alfawise B7 Pro: Battery and Durability

This smart bracelet comes with a Li-Polymer battery having a capacity of about 90 mAh. And the charging time is about 2 hours with its 5V charger. After 100% charge-up, it offers a standby time of 7-10 days. So if you are searching for a smart bracelet which has high standby time, then this product is definitely worth checking out. This smart bracelet is provided with USB Direct charging for convenient usage.

Alfawise B7 Pro: Pros and Cons

  • High Standby time
  • Light in weight
  • Easily fit in every size of a hand
  • Affordable Price
  • Waterproof
  • Case material may be better
  • Unable to get all notification
    from every website.


So, that was it, and those were most of the features covered in our Alfawise B7 Pro Review and if the above-mentioned features meats your needs then you can definitely give it a try. As it also has an affordable price. And you can perform any activity by wearing Alfawise B7 Pro and keep your healthy lifestyle at check.