Do you need an alarm to wake you up in the morning for your important schedule? Or to drink water or to complete any of your necessary tasks throughout the day? Being on track and doing things on time is super necessary and essential for your life. Sometimes you just need a desktop alarm clock application to work and get your things done. Therefore, we are going to list the 6 best alarm applications for your MacBook. 

Before listing, make sure you use System Preferences to prevent your Mac from automatically suspending (going to sleep). However, regardless of the settings, your MacBook will freeze when you close the lid. Most of the alert applications in the list will not sound an alert when the computer is turned on. To solve this problem, you can install amphetamine. Even if the lid of your Mac is closed, this application can keep your MacBook awake.

Best Alarm Apps For MacBook

Wake Up Time - Alarm ClockThe clock shows the time just like on the old seven-segment display. You can press the button to turn off all alarms and slide the console sideways to set alarms. You can choose the time, pitch, volume, and even fade-out options. Like the previous alarm clock app for Mac, you can customize the snooze time and even put the app on top of other apps. The application is available for free from the App Store. 

Clock Lite

This application has a timer, stopwatch, clock, and alarm clock. Clock Lite has no fancy optimizations, pause buttons, or even the ability to change the alarm ringtone. You only have a small field to enter the alarm time and set the alarm button. This application is very simple to use and it’s free on the app store as well. You can get more functions and tones by spending some amount of money. 

Sleep Alarm Clock

The surface of the alarm clock is so simple and beautiful, you can use the app as a screensaver too. You can create a repeating alarm, adjust the volume, change the sound of the alarm, and even set the duration of the snooze function. There are 10 different alarm sounds available. You can use the 12-hour or 24-hour format at any time, and you can even create multiple alerts by upgrading to the paid version. For setting unlimited alarms, you can spend some amount of money and upgrade the app. 


First, you can get all the standard options, such as unlimited timers, customizable names, customizable alarms, adjustable snoozes and volume, and of course they will disappear. Moreover, the interface changes color according to the time of day and keeps the application interface up to date. You can also put the application in night mode, which will display the minimum clock on the Mac screen. 

This alarm application for Mac is wonderful for anybody who needs an alarm to wake them up or make them complete their tasks. With this app, you can change the snooze time, set unlimited alarms, mute music and brightness as you like. However, the advantage of Awaken is that you can open any productivity app of your choice when the alarm goes off. It doesn’t even have to be an application; it can also open a file. Useful when you need to perform certain operations on your Mac. The popular Mac alarm clock application can also automatically turn off the alarm when you are not using it. Chat with him for a while.

Last but not the least, this alarm app for Mac is not less than any other listed applications above. Wakefy is a simple and beautiful macOS application that turns your Mac or Macbook into a Spotify alarm clock. Moreover, It will work even if your Mac is turned off. Wakefy wakes you up and turns off the alarm clock.


So, that it fells. All the above-mentioned alarm apps are very useful to all MacBook users. Apart from that Macbook also offers a built-in alarm as well, but you can’t make it more modifications to that. So, users who like more attractive can go with the above-mentioned Alarm Apps.

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