Nowadays, everyone wants to keep up with the Joneses. This means furnishing their houses with the latest things, whether it means furniture, artwork, or smart electronics. When it comes to smart devices, everyone knows about the smart lights and electronics, but few are aware of the smart window furnishings. Now, you can have remote-controlled curtains, app-controlled shears, and voice-enabled blinds. If you are wondering why any of this is necessary, read on:

1.      It grants you remote control

Whether you are too lazy to get off the sofa or are 500 miles away on an impromptu trip, you can access your devices remotely. You may have left your curtains open when you left and need them closed before nightfall. You may be reading a book and need more light. You may have company over and want more privacy. Whatever your reason, having remote control of your curtains is an added advantage. All you need is the remote or the phone application, and you’re good to go.

2.      You can schedule operations.

Let’s say you want your curtains to open a few minutes before your alarm rings. Or maybe you have traveled for a while, and you don’t want your neighbors to know you are away. Maybe, you only want your home temperature to get so high or so low. Whatever your preference, smart window furnishings have got you covered. Just set your desired schedule or choice, and they will do the rest.

3.      You have voice control

Have you heard of voice enabled blinds? What happens when you want to adjust the glare on your TV, but can’t be bothered to get up to adjust the blind? What about when you have decided to sleep in past your usual wake up time? Besides telling Alexa or Google Assistant to prepare that coffee at 10 am instead of 8 am, you can also direct your curtains to open a little later. The point is, you can literally control your curtains, blinds or shades without lifting a finger.

4.      They are more convenient

One of the main goals of smart devices is convenience. They save you the hassle of doing some things yourself. You don’t want to reach for the light switch? Smart lights can switch off your lights for you. You don’t have to stir your food; your smart stirrer will stir it for you. Are you too short or too lazy? Motorized blinds or shades can close or open automatically for you. They save you time and energy by performing any action that can be automated for you.

5.      They save on energy bills.

There is no doubt that having more smart electronic devices costs more in terms of Wi-Fi and electricity. However, they may save you some money too. Do you know that you can connect your window furnishings to your thermostat? Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning costs are very high. However, when you connect your widow furnishings to them, you can lower them. You can set your curtains to close or open when the temperature becomes too high or too low, thereby saving on these bills.

There is always a price to pay for convenience. However, when it comes to smart window furnishing, the benefits outweigh the costs.

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