Those irritating popups are now manageable through the newly invented extensions AdBlock and Adblock plus. These extensions give a rich user experience and set you free from, those pesky pitches. AdBlock and Adblocker Plus is a recognized by some of the well-known e-commerce giants such as Google, financial times, Microsoft and Amazon. Now both the extensions are blocking the ads then what’s the difference, why are two extensions?? So, in this article, we are going to show you the difference between the Adblock and Adblock plus.

Adblock vs adblock plus

Why does one need an ad blocker after all?

If you are okay with watching those repetitive ads, then there is no point of hunting for an ad blocker. However, if you have some work online and you cannot afford to waste time on skipping the ads and watching them, then ad blockers are there to the rescue.

Most of the users think that AdBlock only set them free from the side ad popups. But, to their surprise, the effective blockers set them free from those unwanted YouTube ads as well. Even the videos that comprise of ads and irrelevant stuff that might irritate you or waste your time are filtered through these tools.

Just identify the thing that you desire not see and directly earmark it through the right click button for a permanent blockage. If you feel dilemmatic regarding any ad blocking, then better use extension version of the ad blocker.

Even if you don’t want to access an individual web page or find it dicey because of the adult content or some malware, then to ad blockers can be used without fail.

The social media “trends,” “who follows what,” “uninteresting imageries” cannot be blocked by the ad blockers as these cannot be categorized as ads.

AdBlock vs AdBlock Plus

The primary task of the AdBlock is to serve the customers by making the internet using experience into a flawless and glitches free phenomenon. There are more than 300 million downloads of both till date. AdBlock is the extension of the original AdBlock Plus version. Earlier, AdBlock could be only spotted over chrome. However, later on, it gained popularity and was supported by many other browsers.

Talking solely about AdBlock first

Adblock is an extension inspired by the Adblock Plus project, solely is was created for Google Chrome by the Gundlach. At first, it was only available for the Chrome browser and later on getting a great response from the user it was quickly ported to the other mainstream browsers. There are tons fo features which make it popular as you can easily enable and disable the adblocker for a particular domain or page and categorized the filter to block the ads.


When you start comparing the features of AdBlock Plus with AdBlock, you will get confused as there is a hair like a difference between the two. With AdBlock, you will be able to block huge varieties of advertisements by just generating filters, subscribing lists and navigating through the settings. It’s the best in case you are explicitly relying upon Chrome to do the needful.


The AdBlock has the lower amount of drawbacks than AdBlock plus. The AdBlock does not make your browser into a slow or heavy one. The ad blocking browser also lets you block YouTube ads as soon as the broader is installed in your laptop/computer.

Why Use Adblock

  • Because it’s an open source browser that makes its free of cost.
  • Quicker installation process.
  • The incredible AdBlock filter.
  • Uses advertisement blocking list for blocking advertisements.
  • Easier and comprehensible settings.  

Why not use AdBlock Plus?

  • Slowing down of the browser in case you open multiple tabs.
  • YouTube ads can bypass AdBlock with the chrome browser.
  • Popups and intrusion despite installation.

AdBlock Plus

Adblock Plus was the first kind of Adblock to block the ads, at first only available on Firefox and then in all mainstream browsers. Adblock Plus introduced after the adblock on the Chrome browser. Due to Adblock Plus being late to the Chrome extension, Adblock took place and became the most popular extension for the Chrome browser.


A whole community helped in the invention of AdBlock Plus as everyone wanted a revolution. The online ads were pestering and hindered the user experience dramatically. With AdBlock Plus, one can Block tons of advertisements along with the ease of navigation. AdBlock Plus can easily block all the annoying as, youtube, facebook, Malware ads. There are some additional benefits like Save bandwidth, data, time and free fro all browser along with that Open-Source also.

Over the chrome, it behaves in a different manner. When it comes to blocking multiple tabs it does not performs well. The advanced features are hidden, so to block particular ads will not be possible for the Adblock Puls. But still, ADP perform a decent adblocker extension.

Why use AdBlock plus

  • The same reason; open-source extension.
  • Popularized tool for blocking ads.
  • Manual whitelisting made easy.
  • Easier navigation and settings.
  • Automatic blocking of malware and more profound.
  • Ad blocks on Facebook and YouTube.

Why not use AdBlock Plus?

  • The advanced options are hidden.
  • Certain features have to be manually applied.
  • In case you need to block a particular page of a website then you have to rely on the extension.
  • It shows ads that are non-intrusive by availing an option to activate them

Final Thought Which One is Best “ADBLOCK or ADBLOCK PLUS.”

In this head to head battle, both are best in a way. While Adblock is popular for the Chrome and also inspired by the Adblocker Plus and ADP is popular in the Firefox. So, it depends upon you what browser you use mostly. For the Chrome lover, we would suggest the Adblock and Firefox lover go with the ADP. So, do let us know what Adblocking Extension works well for you in the comment section.

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