A95X R2 is a smart tv box with Android support which allows the user to experience the most spectacular visions on their television screens. It allows the user to access the play store and download all kinds of games, applications, and extracts all the benefits of the latest updates smoothly. It basically runs on Android 7.1 and contains a Cortex A53 Processor. This is not it, there is more to know about this tiny device, so let’s take a look:

Design & Build Quality

This smart tv box is different from others on the basis of design. It has a curve edge contrary to the rectangular ones on the other tv boxes. On the side of the box, there is a LED display to provide time, video playing status, alarm clock etc. On the side of the LED display, there is present a power button to turn the box on or off.

A95X R2 TV Box

Apart from this, the smart box is also equipped with other interfaces, for example, high-speed USB 3.0, USB 2.0, A LAN port and many other. An HDMI Cable, a remote control, and an adapter are also provided to the buyer along with the box. On the front, the smart box has designs similar to that of a football geometry which makes it look pleasing to the eyes. Overall this smart tv box is not only full of features but also catches the eye and adds to the beauty of your Television set.

Hardware & Display Quality

This smart TV box has been powered with RK33328 Quad core 64bit processor. Despite being a normal TV box, it can multifunction also with daily usage such as watching movies at high speed. It carries 2 USB port, one is 2.0 and other is 3.0 which enables it to carry the data faster than others. It gets its power supply through the charge adapter, which comes with the Tv box.

A95X R2 TV Box

This smart tv box is equipped with so many new and latest features. It is certainly one of the best tv boxes in the markets presently. Surprisingly it is cost effective also. Providing the users with the best quality experience and rejuvenating their method and experience of televisions, this televisions smart box is all set to rule the market and ease the customers through its services. The A95X R2 provides the HDR picture quality with 4K vision. It brings the picture on the screen have a vivid and bright color.

Quick Specifications

This device runs on RK3328 processor and 1.5GHz, quad-core processor. It carries a 1GB RAM and 8G ROM. It supports numerous media formats like ASF, AC3, APE, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, OGG Etc. It does not have a DVD Support and runs with HDMI version 2.0.

A95X R2 TV Box

The Tv box is running on the Android 7.0 which is the latest and updated version of the Android. Now you can get the experience of the latest Android on your Tv and enjoy all the latest apps, games and much more.

Where To Buy

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