With our mobile phones almost like a blank canvas for us to customise with whatever applications we wish to have, developers are desperate to win each of us round. Whether we’re being recommended language apps or told which food app is best, it’s seemingly endless. The options are too.

Our mobile phones have become a necessity as a result. Most people feel naked or lost without their miniature handheld device and have become so reliant on them. Not only do they perform so many functionalities but they’re offering a better all-round service too. Thanks to the technological advancements the world is continually making our phones are even better, and with that comes even more attachment from us, the owner of these more sophisticated and advanced mobile phones. We’ve certainly never seen anything like it before.

With so many apps to choose from to make a device your own, though, we thought we’d go through some of the best android creations of the year so far. Hopefully, at least one or two apps from the list will make it onto your phone.

Brave Privacy Browser

Brave Privacy Browser offers a wide range of features tailored towards protecting your security and privacy on the web. Whether you’re playing live dealer Baccarat at www.mansioncasino.com/uk/live/baccarat/ and updating your wallet, or making a purchase on eBay using a credit card, it’s important to know that your personal information is safe and secure. The app has built-in blockers for ads, pop-ups, scripts, and third-party cookies, alongside making sure all the sites you surf are safe and secure. In today’s world apps like Brave Privacy Browser are a necessity, sadly.

Blue Apron

Would you call yourself a food lover? If so, then Blue Apron will sit happily on your device. The app has a wide range of meals and recipes you can choose from, with all of them available to be delivered to your house. On top of this, you can save any recipes you like and schedule any deliveries you want. All of this is provided on a slick and professional-looking app which has gained quite a following already.


Crowd-sourced reviews aren’t always well received. With Yelp, though, it’s a tad more bearable as it allows you to rate a lot more than just one venue and the way it looked. You can give your feedback on just about any place where you’re able to spend money, alongside using the app to find important information like opening hours, contact information, menus and a whole host of other useful functionalities. If you’re trying to find the best spot in your city, then download Yelp.

Eve by Glow

One for the ladies, Eve by Glow enables you to keep track of your periods in a more accurate and detailed manner. It isn’t just about knowing your cycle, it’s also about exploring your physical and emotional state, as well as gaining information around sexual health and the body. Thankfully, Eve by Glow has it all covered.


Zocdoc is a clever app which gives its users access to a variety of nearby doctors via your health insurance plan, with the option of booking an appointment with them should you require one. With a modern and bright design, Zocdoc is easy to use and makes staying on top of your health that bit easier. If you’re in need of a local doctor, try Zocdoc.

Other Android apps worth downloading in 2020 are BlackPlayer, Stitcher, Todoist, TurboTax Tax Return App, ComiXology Comics, Reddit is fun, Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus, and Otter Voice Notes.

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