If you own a car parking lot, you already know how challenging it is to maintain it. To most people running a parking lot is simple. But that’s not always the case. Managing and maintaining people’s expectation is not easy. It may give the impression of collecting money and offer a parking space no that is what you see. An average driver may not know that behind the revenue collection, car park payment systems and other relevant systems are running to eliminate disappointments.

An efficient workforce and innovative technology such as is what gives the drivers a safe and secure feeling every time they turn towards your parking lot. Having two or more parking lots does not make them the same. Because every lot has its unique characteristics, consider a parking space for corporate, employees, public, and private parking, each must have a unique system running in the background.

Here is how to run your car park efficiently

Control Entry and Exit Points

How you secure the two zones can make a difference. A barrier will prevent anyone from accessing the lot without payment. The barrier installation should synchronize with the payment system. Make sure to have a contingency plan for repairs in case of an accident.

Automatic Car Park Payment System

The payment of the parking lot brings the owner and the client together, even when one is absent physically. Install machines that will guarantee revenue, whether you choose self-ticketing or have a money-collecting booth. You can also employ companies that handle payment logistics to enhance the experience of your tenants.

Implement Visible Security

The fact that your parking lot is in a secure neighbourhood does not mean you ignore having some measures to boost security. The absence of technologies such as CCTV surveillance, a guard station, and a possible perimeter wall can deny you some revenues.

Install Security Lights

Consider lighting your parking lots when seeing at night becomes a problem, clients do not feel safe, or some lights need replacement. Poor lighting around your lot is a sign of poor management. When installing lights, remember the ramps, exits, entries, and parking areas. Enough lights make a parking lot attractive and safe for users because it minimizes the risk of slips and injuries from falls. Use the latest state of the art lighting equipment to help reduce maintenance costs.

Verification and guest systems

Automating comings and goings on your parking lot is an added benefit in ensuring efficiency. However, you must have a system in place to verify who enters the site. This will prevent instances of misuse of the parking spaces. The system must be able to capture the vehicle’s number plate and compare them to some database. This will ensure unauthorized cars and motorbikes owners are not misusing the parking lot.

Implement a strict parking policy

A good parking policy includes accurate information on the overall management of the parking space. These details should be written up. Specify who should be using the facility and this includes the visitors, site-based staff, deliveries to or from your business, and more.

Remember, your parking policy should be integrated into the site plan. Set the guidelines regarding how the vehicles should be parked and allocate enough space for your employees’ cars and your business vehicles. Be sure to offer your workers incentives to keep them motivated to do better each day.

Running a parking lot is a time-consuming activity. However, once you automate some of your systems, you will save a lot of money because of seamless operations and logistics management.