With the growth of digital technicalities in India and the world in general, most of our activities are being upgraded and made to suit the era. Travellers now rely on useful applications and sites.  The applications make planning your journey and booking your train tickets easier. But then due to the numerous applications available for this purpose, you might be overwhelmed trying to pick the best among them.

Train ticket booking apps

On that note, we have selected the best apps for you to have as a traveller who enjoys using the train in India.

8 Best Apps for Indian Train Ticket Booking [2021]

Here are the eight(8) best applications you must have to book your train ticket in India in 2021.

1# Goibibo


Booking your train ticket using Goibibo makes available to you a range of several benefits and other features. For example, it lets users check their PNR status and even provide them with a tour guide on request. Goibibo is one of the easiest platforms to book your train ticket in India. All you need to do is to add your necessary details like your destination, your city, time, month, etc. If you book your tickets through Goibibo, its confirmation is easier and you also have the option of selecting a special preferences offer.

2# Yatra


This app is one of the most reliable travel platforms for many years now in India. It is beneficial and easy to use. Through the app, booking train tickets is made easy and you can even check the availability of locations, seats possible. The only thing you have to do is fill the necessary spaces (From…, and to…). Then you are good to go.

3# iXIGO Train App

iXIGO Train App

Something that everyone wishes to have and is significant during train travels is convenience and comfort. Booking your train ticket offline comes with the tolerance of an extremely long queue. Doing the same online with the wrong or non-user-friendly app robs you of these benefits.

So you can also have a stress free train booking with iXIGO train app. Should in case you wish to cancel your travel at the last minute,  iXIGO lets you do that and reverse your money in a short time. iXIGO train app has features where you can track the train in real-time, the distance it has covered so far, the time of their departure and arrival, etc. Also, the information on this app is obtainable in various languages, e.g, Hindi, English, etc.

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4# MakeMyTrip



In India, MakeMyTrip has gained a reputation for being one of the biggest online travel organizations in India. Due to their success over the years, it is obvious that you are not likely to be disappointed in using this platform to book your train tickets. The user interface is basic due to the presentation of information on the app which is understandable, clear and intuitive.

5# Cleartrip


This is one the most respected online travel portals which offers services including train booking. Cleartrip is one of the best because it also provides some discount, exclusive offers, etc. In using Cleartrip for your train booking, you will find the user interface friendly and this app is preferable because it shows in clear format information like the available seats in all the classes, desired routes and dates, confirmed tickets, etc. The Cleartrip app will help you save time, and strength you would have invested elsewhere.

6# IRCTC Rail Connect

IRCTC Rail Connect

The IRCTC is an Indian Railway Official App. Instead of going to their website and taking all the time in the world, you can easily use their app. Through IRCTC, you will not only be able to check your ticket confirmation, platform number, etc but you will access unlimited entertainment while on your journey. The process of booking tickets is easier and quicker and you can even cancel your journey at the last minute without much hassle.

7# UTS


For booking train tickets on the UTS app, you need to register on their platform with your email and mobile number then log in with the relevant credentials as instructed. This app was launched by the ministry of railways in a bid to promote a cashless economy. While using the UTS app to book your train ticket, you can select the route and type of train you wish to use, the date of your journey, location and destination. You can also choose the class you will want to travel in.

8# Confirmtkt


The confirmtkt app makes available for you alternate options for your bookings. For any journey you want to make, it provides you with alternate booking suggestion with the probability of their confirmation listed in the app.

The selected apps have a track record of success and delivery over the years, therefore you can use any of them as it would make your before-and-after travel easier, and orderly.

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