According to reports by IHS Markit, 80 million home devices were sold globally in the year 2016. It marked a jump of 64% when compared to the year 2015. Smart home technology has taken the world by a storm and is making our routine and boring household chores easier. A wide range of these future-centric gadgets is now making our lives easier leaving us more time to devote for our personal needs and commitments. As technology continues advancing at lightning speed, it’s not hard to imagine a world in the future where washing machines that fold our laundry become a reality.

But for now, in this article, we will walk you through seven of our topmost gadgets that should feature in your wishlist to take some load off your shoulders while working around the house:

1.Google Home:

Google Home

Google Home is one of the most popular home gadgets that can be linked to all the other smart devices in your house to make your routine seamless. This gadget uses your voice commands to perform functions like setting alarms for you, making your shopping list by writing down the items, briefing you about the events on your calendar and so much more. Feeling lazy to walk up to that light and turn it off? Make Google Home do it for you. This fantastic gadget can also entertain you by playing any music you want, book an Uber ride for you and even change the temperature in your house.

2.Sonic Scrubber:

Think of this scrubber like an electronic toothbrush but for your appliances and surfaces. The Sonic Scrubber is super fast and can scrub at 10,000 times per minute. Imagine the amount of manual effort you would have to put in to clean these many times. This incredible gadget is not just quick but also makes the cleaning process more comfortable for you. Five different brush heads come with this scrubber so you can use them on multiple surfaces, narrow or broad. An additional benefit that comes with this scrubber is you do not require any cleaning agent or cleaning solutions to go with it. Whether it is for cleaning utensils or your kitchen surfaces, this gadget is the perfect solution.

3.Robot Lawn Mower:

Even though some of you may not know this, trustworthy autonomous lawn mowers have existed in the market for quite a long time now. They have proved their merit in gardening by faring better than the conventional lawn mowers over the years. These lawn mowers come installed with a variety of sensors that makes it easier for them to navigate in your garden area. They can cover multiple acres with ease, and their safety mechanisms ensure there are no chances of any household accidents or mishaps. These robot mowers are sensitive to collisions and are also capable of deactivating their blades when the device is handled.

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4.Robot Vacuum Cleaner:

robo vaccum cleaner

Roomba robot vacuum cleaner is undeniably the best when it comes to home cleaning. Be it absorbing hair, pet fur or any other fibers; this fantastic vacuum cleaner takes care of it all using three stages of cleaning. There are six different variants of Roomba robot vacuum cleaner. While Roomba 690 can be controlled from anywhere in the house because of a wireless command center, Roomba 630 is the cheaper alternative to get the job done just as efficiently. Be it your carpets, hardwood floors, tiles or laminates, these smart vacuum cleaners provide the best results for all surfaces. The best feature however which takes the cake is the “virtual wall lighthouse mode” that lets you command the Roomba cleaner to continue cleaning one room after the other and leave out the one you don’t wish to be cleaned.

5.Nest Thermostat:

This third generation one-of-a-kind thermostat can save a lot of energy used at home. It records your daily home energy usage and then adjusts it based on your needs. If you have Google Home in your home, then you can connect it to your thermostat and tell it what to do from there. When you go away on holiday and have forgotten to turn off the heating, nothing to worry about as the Nest Thermostat turns it off automatically after 48 hours. Similarly, when you are returning home, you can click your app in your phone to turn on the heating, so when you reach, the house is warm and toasty

6.Robot Mop:

Each one of us wants our homes to be clean and spotless, but not everyone is as enthusiastic about cleaning and mopping the household daily. For such people, robot mop is no less than a knight in shining armor with its excellent cleaning capabilities – be it hardwood, stone or tiles. Toilet cleaning can be an even more frustrating experience. With robot mop, it becomes easier to clean the toilets and also get rid of the hard to remove stains below the sinks or cabinets. Based on your requirement, the robot mop automatically chooses the deal cleaning method from dry sweeping, damp sweeping to wet mopping.

7.Intelligent Dishwasher:

With a dishwasher like the KitchenAid Superba EQ, you can say goodbye to dirty dishes. Equipped with a tall tub featuring a stainless steel interior, this dishwasher ensures your utensils and vessels come out spotless and shining. The stainless steel interior is also responsible for speeding up the process of drying your dishes. The ProWash Cycle makes use of the sensors in the water to let you know as soon as the plates are washed and then stops running. The upper and lower racks are built in such a way to allow you to put more dishes in the washer as compared to your old dishwasher. To increase the water’s temperature, you can use the Hi-Temp scrub followed by a Sani Rinse later on which can final rinse your dishes and sterilize them.


We hope you liked our curated list of gadgets that can make your life more exciting and enjoyable. Home gadgets like these will soon no longer be a luxury but find a place in every home to help solve problems that the conventional products have. The time has come for us to reap the benefits of these nifty gadgets and keep our homes in tip-top shape and reduce our burden.

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