During the course of human history, lots of debates have refused to end.

The list could go on: Pepsi versus Coca-Cola, The Beatles versus The Rolling Stones, Apple versus Android. However, in the 2020s, one of the biggest ongoing debates is PC versus console gaming. This particular argument has heated up over the last year due to the PlayStation 5 and XBOX Series X/S release, which has led to many PC gamers waging war against their console rivals!

Which is better: PC gaming or console gaming?

Here are 7 reasons why PC gaming might be the winner. 

  • More variety of games

Firstly, PCs offer a great choice of games. From game streaming services (Google Stadia, Steam) to web browsers, there are tons of ways you can play games on the PC. Online casinos that can be played from the internet browser have become particularly popular, so make sure to check them out.

  • You can build and customize your own PC

When it comes to PlayStation and XBOX consoles, you’re extremely limited with what you can customize. Sure, you can customize the exteriors with stickers and shells – but that’s about it.

In contrast, PCs allow so much internal and external customization. For example, many PC gamers like to regularly upgrade their internal graphics cards for better PC performance. You can even build your own gaming PC from scratch if you have the ambition and willpower to do so!

  • Better controller options

When gaming on a PC, you can either use the keyboard and mouse or your own console-like controller that you can connect via Bluetooth or USB. This is great for gamers who like to switch their styles up every so often. For example, one week, you might want to play using just the mouse and keyboard; the next week, you might feel like connecting your controller instead.

  • No generational releases

Roughly every 5 years, new generation gaming consoles get released. On PC, this doesn’t happen. Therefore, you need to worry about no generational releases, which allows your PCs to have longer life spans. Remember to keep upgrading your specs, or you will quickly fall behind and won’t be able to play the newest releases on the highest settings.

  • Mod games

Ask anyone. Modding games is insanely fun. From GTA V to Minecraft, there are tons of PC games you can mod and customize to your liking. For example, on GTA V, you can insert your own customizable characters and even up-scale the graphics.

  • Easier to record and share gameplay 

If you have a YouTube channel or simply enjoy recording gameplay, it’s much easier to do so on the PC. This is why there are lots of PC gamers on YouTube, as it is incredibly easy for them to upload and edit the gameplay, they’ve captured without having to transfer it from one platform onto another.

  • The Steam Deck

A lot of PC gaming is done through the popular platform Steam. Soon, the Steam Deck will release, which is a portable, handheld console that allows you to play Steam games. This is a gift from heaven for PC gamers, as it will enable them to game even when they’re not with their PC!

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