If you just bought a top-notch gaming laptop, I am guessing you have spent about $1000 or even more, right? But laptop alone is not going to be enough.

If you really want a seamless gaming experience few peripherals can make a world of difference. And luckily, none of these will cost you a fortune either. Wondering what peripherals am I talking about? Time to find out.

Gaming Mouse

If you think you master a game like Fortnite or even Pubg using the laptop trackpad, well, do not kid yourself.

good gaming mouse

And if you really are serious about gaming then a regular mouse just won’t cut, only a good gaming mouse will do and if your budget allows, a wireless mouse would really ease things up for you.

Brands like RazerDeathAdder Chroma offer some of the most ergonomically designed models so they sit perfectly in the hands.

Also, these come with a tracking speed close to 200-inches per second making them ideal for the quickest of gamers.

Mouse Pad

If you buy a mouse, a mouse pad becomes a must and that too a really good one. That is because a quality mouse pad increases tracking speed. SteelSeries offers some of the most effective and largest mouse pads so you won’t run out of space easily.

Portable Charger

Who doesn’t hate it when they have to charge their battery in midst of the most intense of battle, right? Until and unless you have a power point close to where you are playing, a portable charger is going to come in more than handy.

Remember, the most powerful gaming laptops usually have a battery life of about 4 hours which, truth be told, isn’t too much. But with a portable charger, you will have the power to charge your laptop anytime and anywhere.

Cooling Pad

Long hours of gaming not only take its toll on the battery life of the laptop but can also heat it up to an undesirable degree especially if you have a budget laptop. That is why a laptop cooling pad is one of the best investments you will be making.

It reduces the heat of a laptop by increasing airflow. This, in turn, increases the durability of your laptop and gives you uninterrupted gaming for long hours.


Nobody ever played games on mute and what is worse than that, is having poor speakers because nothing brings a game to life and warn you of approaching enemies like a good sound.

Gaming Headphones

Now, even if your gaming laptop did come with good speakers, you really cannot be playing games on speaker all the time.

This is why I always prefer a headset with an in-built microphone. It eliminates the hassle to have an additional mic and gives you the freedom to play the game anywhere without waking up your parents or even the neighbors.

Also, since most of us are hooked to co-op games these days, a microphone makes it easy to communicate with your teammates.

To make sure you get value for money on your gaming headset, do check out brands like SteelSeries, Razor or HyperX

External Hard Disk

You not only need tons of space to install the latest games but even to store in-game data, profiles etc. And I am sure you do not want to want to delete all the hard work every time you have a new game to install.

While the SSD in high-end gaming laptops will prove useful in such circumstances, the problem is if you have opted for a budget laptop. That is because even the top affordable gaming laptops come with only 1TB HDD. And considering that fact that games nowadays are as big as 50-60GB that won’t take much time to fill up.

So in order to protect all your saved data, a large 1TB to a 2TB external hard drive is a must. Even if your laptop does malfunction, you will not lose anything and can easily restore it when need be.


If you are not much of a mouse person and prefer controllers, then that is exactly what you should go for. Controllers are especially helpful if you prefer games like FIFA or Need for Speed.

When it comes to controllers for gamers, the Xbox Controller is pretty much the obvious choice. It is comfortable in the hand, has good battery life and if you already own an Xbox, well, problem solved.

To learn how to connect your Xbox controller to your laptop using Bluetooth, check out this article.


That were some peripherals that can help you take your gaming to the next level. From helping you to fully immerse into the game to making those headshots a whole lot easier, if you have a few extra bucks in hand, these are definitely worth every penny you will have to spend.