No one denies this fact that smartwatches have now become the style statement of every youngster. As compared to earlier times, smartwatches were just a luxury item that you did not afford probably. But now, with the development of technologies smartwatches are affordable for anyone.

best smartwatches you can buy in India

Moreover, smartwatches are now turned into smartphones that make life easier for an individual. With one single touch, you can operate everything such as calls, messages, and more. If we compare the last two years, smartwatches have seen a commendable boost. Not just in features, but also designs, battery, and software.

If you are wondering about the best smartwatch. So, might you find a wide range of smartwatches with great brands? But which one is best for you, it is quite challenging.

But, not for you my friend. We made it easy for you!

Here is the round-up of the top 7 smartwatches that you can buy in India with great features and pocket-friendly price.

  1. MevoFit Echo Ultra Smart Fitness Watch

MevoFit Echo Ultra Smart Fitness Watch

It is one of the best brands which you can buy at an affordable price. It is a unisex smartwatch that comes with various features such as measuring distance, steps, calorie burns, heart rate, and sleep. Along with this, it offers you OLED+ single display and multi clock styles. You can buy this watch at a reasonable price Rs. 7,990.

Key features:

  • Water-resistant
  • 1-year warranty
  • Comes with outstanding features
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Featured with women features like periods tracking, ovulation and more.
  • Stunning look, responsive, and sleek fitness band
  1. Amazfit Pace A1612 Multisport Smartwatch

Amazfit Pace A1612 Multisport Smartwatch

If you stylish and sleek design with a rich color fitness band or smartwatch must look for this. Despite its look, the features are awesome. It will give accurate real-time track for sleep, heart rate, steps, and workout data. It comes with high-quality manufacturing material that works effectively regularly with no hassle. This can be bought at Rs.9, 999.

Key features:

  • Send alerts
  • 5+ days battery life
  • Activity tracking
  • GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth
  • Sleep tracking
  • Music
  • One year warranty
  1. Noise ColorFit Pro

Noise ColorFit Pro

Noise Colorfit pro smartwatch is yet another option if you are looking for colorful, accurate monitoring, and best features smartwatch. It tracks daily heart rate, activity, runs, steps, workout, and more. Also, this offers you a sports mode option to track your health. It is available at a low price at Rs.6, 990.

Key features:

  • Give accurate monitoring for 24/7
  • Give notifications
  • Waterproof band
  • 3 days of battery life
  • Works with Android and iOS
  1. Zeblaze THOR Pro 3G Smartwatch

Zeblaze THOR Pro 3G Smartwatch

A perfect design, comfortable wear, and a great brand. All these three exist in Zeblaze THOR Pro 3G smartwatch. It gives you the best features such as effortless use of the phone on the wrist, give accurate information of steps, sleep, heart rate and more. The best of this, you can listen to music while working out. This exclusive smartwatch is available at Rs. 12,000.

Key features:

  • Wireless connectivity
  • 1GB RAM and 16GB ROM
  • GSM+WCDMA network type
  • 3G support
  • IPS touch screen
  1. Fossil Q Marshal

Fossil Q Marshal

The best and compatible Android Smartwatch with a sleek design. It is one of the luxury brands which you can add in your collection. It is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 2100 processor with 512GB RAM. It is easy to use and gives comfortable wear. The price starts from Rs. 12000.

Key features:

  • 2 years warranty
  • Give notifications of calls, messages, etc.
  • In-built tracker
  • Comes with interchangeable bands
  • In-built microphone and speaker
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
  1. Huawei Watch Sport 4G model Smartwatch

Huawei Watch Sport 4G model Smartwatch

This waterproof smartwatch comes in classic ranges. It offers a professional running coach features with 4G connectivity. It is a massive technology range which you would love to add in your collection. It has beautiful Ceramic BEZEL that gives a luxurious feeling. The price starts from Rs. 10,000.

Key features:

  • Interchangeable bands
  • Water and dust resistant
  • Connectivity for SIM, GPS, and 4G network
  • Perfect workout watcher
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Act like a smart assistant
  • Long day battery life
  1. MOTO 360 Smartwatch

MOTO 360 Smartwatch

MOTO 360 is known as a second-generation smartwatch with android connectivity. It is a perfect and affordable option for anyone who needs a smartwatch with a wide range of features. It tracks steps, sleep, physical movements, and more. This smartwatch is available at a good price at Rs. 13,999.

Key features:

  • Available in grey and black color
  • Long day battery life
  • 512 RAM
  • TI OMAP processor
  • High-quality features

Wrapping up

In the marketplace, you will find a long list of smartwatches. But these are the best which have rated 5 out 5 from the customers. If you are looking for a good brand, smart design, luxurious look, and the perfect price. These may better your experience. Good luck!

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