The digital era has brought some tremendous applications and breakthroughs in a student’s life. With exams still being one of the most stressful aspects of a student’s life, a number of study apps are now available for students to manage their stress, time and also help prepare for the exams. With so many advantages, students have turned to online resources along with the website that publish free essays to help cope up with the endless schoolwork and the massive load of essay writing. Consulting the examples available online allows them to have at least a bit of free time, which is crucial when you are a student. Going through free essay examples is a good way to pen down some effective materials ahead of your exams. In addition to this, here is a list of the best apps for students, which, they can utilize to get some much-needed relief from academic stress:

7 Apps Every Student Needs during Exams
7 Apps Every Student Needs during Exams

1. Free StudyBlue

For a student who relies on flash cards, then this is one of the best apps to help you study. StudyBlue allows the user to upload their study materials and generates e-flash cards that can be used by students while saving their invaluable time. Moreover, the app also has the feature of letting students share these flash cards. Along with this, the students are also given various quizzes to test themselves. With so many features in one app, students are bound to get some time to focus on other things like research and writing essay and paper. Moreover, the app is available for free in both the Android as well as the iOS.

2. Dragon Dictation for various topics

If you are a student who is fed up of endless typing, then fret not for there is Dragon Dictation to help you with the samples and writing examples. You can easily dictate whatever text you want to write in your research paper or an essay, and the app will convert it digitally to save you time. Writing dissertations, essays and other papers has been made much easier by this iOS app. Through this free app, the text can easily be mailed or used in other student apps that will further help with your studies. Moreover, with the availability of the dictation feature, students can multitask much more easily.

Dragon Dictation for various topics

3. Stop, Breathe & Think

Many times students let stress get the better of themselves and allow negativity to creep in, which eventually pulls them down, piling them with even more stress. In such a scenario, this free app, available both in iOS as well as Android, is a good way to manage your thoughts and keep yourself positive. The app is replete with tools to help you monitor your thoughts and immediately address any negativity that might be threatening to sprout from them. The app is also a great way to keep track of your sleep, along with other mindful activities to help you heal emotionally and stay focused even during the most stressful days.

4. myHomework Student Planner

Ironically, exam time is the time that makes you forget your pending assignments much more frequently. Many students struggle to keep track of their impending assignments in the face of upcoming exams and surmounting workload. Hence, the free app for all iOS, Android and Windows Phone users is a lifesaver when keeping track of all classes, assignments and upcoming tests to help you keeping the best schedule and planning ahead for each one of them without missing out on the deadlines. Moreover, the app has a beautiful calendar interface to address all your concerns pertaining to dates making the app a lifesaver. Pioneering the student apps, this app has made exam anxiety a thing of the past.

5. Google Drive

Exam jitters are most common, especially when you have a number of papers to write and project reports to submit. It is during this time that many students find themselves so stressed that they often forget to save their precious work leading to their anxiety levels to peak. Hence, using Google Drive on the go is a fantastic option to not only save your work but also share with your project partners or your friends whenever needed without worrying about your laptop crashing or using up your phone space. One of the most overlooked study apps, Google Drive, does come in handy when keeping track of your progress.

Google Drive

6. GoConqr

If you are one of those students who prefer to study in groups, then this is one of the best study apps for you to connect with study groups. The free app is available on iOS, Android as well as web. Enjoy the support from countless students across the world on shared resources and improve your work through their feedback. In addition to this, the user-friendly app allows multiple resources like mind maps, flashcards, quizzes, slides and notes to facilitate studying. With this study app, you can become much more intuitive and receptive to your study materials owing to the focus on visual learning.

7. The Pomodoro Timer

If you are highly prone to procrastination and have the ability to let your focus wander elsewhere while studying, then this is one of the best apps to help you study. With the idea of getting more out of less time, the app is most suitable to enhance your productivity, especially when time is a constraint. The app allows you 25 minutes slots to focus on the task at hand or the study material that you plan to study with strategic breaks in between in order to keep your productivity raised by keeping your focus intact. The high concentration tasks can easily be completed with the help of this app with breaks enough to keep you refreshed. Pack more benefits from less amount of time to bid farewell to procrastination.

With all the above apps, managing time and improving productivity becomes a cinch for students. Hence, the study apps are becoming increasingly popular to improve the concentration of students and cope with exams.

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