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6 SimpleWide-Format Printer Maintenance Tips

Wide format printers have evolved and increased significantly in use owing to their numerous benefits. Just like other machines, they can easily malfunction or clog if neglected. Through proper maintenance, you can keep the printers running at optimum performance levels. Maintenance also increases the longevity of the printer and allows for high-quality prints. Whether it’s an 11×17 printer, 13×19, or any other size, maintaining these printers is not a hard task. So what should you do to keep the printer in an excellent working condition?

Here are a few tips on how to maintain your wide format printer:

  1. Update the software

When your manufacturer releases a software update, always install is as soon as possible. An update may contain extra features which increase the efficiency of the printer. Out-of-date software can lead to various issues and a slower output that can affect production.  Although some devices automatically update the software, make sure to check for these updates routinely.

  1. Clean Regularly

Over time, dust particles can accumulate, causing the printer to be ineffective. The dust causes the ink cartridges in inkjet printers to clog and toner degradation in laser printers. You can use a clean, soft cloth to wipe the external parts of the printer. For cleaning the internal components of the printer, make sure to follow the manual instructions, and be extremely cautious. However, it’s risky to disassemble the machines; hence, internal cleaning is best left to a professional. Some printers also have self-cleaning features that can be accessed through a few clicks.

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  1. Print Frequently

When using an inkjet printer, the liquid may dry up if the printer if not in use for a long time. Dried up ink may block the nozzle and cause inefficient printing. Therefore, it’s important to print at least once a week to keep the ink moving. For those who don’t need to print frequently, a laser printer can be a good option.

  1. Use the Right Materials

Always use high-quality papers and other printing materials. Cheap dusty papers may damage pickup roller and add dust to your machine. When it comes to replacing inks, cartridges or any other parts of the printer, it’s crucial to only use genuine parts made by the same manufacturer.  Parts that are not up to standards can cause problems with the machine and void your warranty.

  1. Strategic Location

Wide format printers should be kept in an aerated place to allow air flow through the cooling fans. Make sure to place it away from direct sunlight and other sources of heat. Heat can cause slower output and other problems such as toner degradation.

  1. Handling Paper Jams

When loading papers or any other printing materials, always make sure they are not torn, damp, or dog-eared to avoid being stuck in the printer. In case the printing materials get stuck, gently pull with both hands to free them or refer to the manual for instructions. It’s also crucial to set the guides correctly to avoid paper jams.

Regular maintenance of large format printers helps to keep them in shape. It also has a profound impact on your overall productivity and cost. In case you are not sure of any issue, seek professional help.