Well having a note application on your Apple Watch would certainly help you because let’s face it it would look much cooler than noting it down in the dial-pad of your cellphone. 

But which notes application should you download on your Apple Watch provided there are hundreds of applications to choose from. 

Today in this article, I will be providing you with some of the best Notes applications for Apple Watch at the moment. You can choose any of them based on the application which best suits your needs and preferences. 

So let us discuss them now. 

Best Notes App For Apple Watch

  1. Evernote On Apple Watch

Evernote is easily one of the most used note-making applications used in the entire world provided its compatibility across different devices and it’s simple and easy to use interface. 

The reason why we have included Evernote in our list is that with this application not only can you create text notes, but you can also generate reminders and save audio notes which can save a lot of time. 

You also have the option of viewing business cards that you have previously saved to Evernote and you can make changes to the checklist on your Apple Watch. How to use it? 

  1. To use text notes, simply click on the + option on the home screen of the app. Once you are finished writing, click on the Save option. 
  2. To use audio notes, click on the Microphone option present adjacent to the + option on the home screen. Record your audio and once you are done, press the red stop button. Tap the Save option to save your recording. 

Evernote is officially not available for the Apple Watch, but you can still use this by downloading on your iPhone, for the complete setup guide and how to use this follow Use Evernote on Apple Watch

  1. Notebook

The notebook is one of the highest-rated applications on the Apple App Store and it was awarded the ” Best App of the Year ” award in 2016. 

You can use these applications to note, add files, record audio, create checklists and sketches. 

Anything you write or create on Notebook is automatically synced with the cloud servers and can be viewed on any device with your Notebook account. It is one of the simplest and most easy to use applications and Zoho, the creators of this app have paid great attention to detail. 

One of the best parts about this application is that it would not cost a single cent to use and it is completely ad free. 

Download: Notebook For Apple Watch

  1. OneNote by Microsoft

OneNote by Microsoft is simply one of the most used applications in the entire world for saving your thoughts and ideas quickly and effortlessly. One of the best parts of this application is that it is available across all platforms of both Apple and Microsoft which makes it very convenient to use. You need to log into this application with your Microsoft account and anything you save on this application will get synced automatically. 

You can create text notes and colorful sticky notes are quite fun to work with. 

This application is free to download but it should be noted that a monthly subscription of Microsoft 364 would be charged to your Apple App Store account. 

Download: Microsoft OneNote For Apple Watch

  1. Quick Notes

If you would use your Apple Watch just to view notes instead of writing them, Quick Notes would be the perfect application for you. You need to download the Quick Notes application on your Apple iPhone or iPad.

All you need to do is to create a text note on your iPhone or iPad and it would be synced automatically with your Apple Watch. 

Download: Quick Notes For Apple Watch

  1. Bear

Bear has tried and tested note-making applications for both iOS and Mac devices for a long time now and it is now compatible with your Apple Watch as well. With the help of this application, you would be able to create text notes with a lot of formatting options, you can make your own checklists and you can also save a photo and you can also record audio files. One of the best parts of this application is that it would automatically sync whatever you save so that it can be accessed on your other devices as well almost instantaneously. 

As of now, it is free to use the application but there might be some in-app purchases. 

Download: Bear For Apple Watch

  1. Noted

Noted is one of those applications which would encourage you to save audio notes instead of text notes. 

The home screen of this application consists of a large button for recording audio. You just need to press this button and start saving the ideas present in your head.

It is one of the simplest and easy to use applications but it does not allow you to save Text Notes. 

Download: Noted For Apple Watch

Final Words

Apple is always known for its out-of-the-box innovative products and the same can be said about Apple Watch. It might look like a watch but it is nothing less than a mini smartphone tied on your wrists. It is so because these watches are capable of doing almost everything your smartphone can. 

Having a Notes Application on your Apple Watch is very important because your brain is already preoccupied with a lot of things. It would only remember that information it seems necessary and would save the rest in its subconscious mind. 

Thus the next time a billion-dollar idea strikes your mind, you would be able to save that idea instantly on your Apple Watch.