As we all know it hasn’t been long that 4G took over the mobile world by storm in the past 2 years with many people switching to this not so old 4G technology. There are many companies who have already started investing millions into 5G which will be the 5th generation of wireless communication facility or can also be called as the successor of 4G. Although, 5G is still on process and we might be able to see it after 3-4 years there are several asking for the proper details and things any smartphone enthusiast or user should know.


5G stands for “5th generation” referring to the newest telecommunication network standard based on IEEE 802.11 ac broadband technology but formal standards for the next generation network is yet to be set. As referred to the white paper of 5G connections, there are many criteria according to which one has to qualify and to meet these needs for being a 5G authenticated network.

The GSMA (Groupe Speciale Mobile Association) says that such networks should meet most of these criteria to be recognized as a 5G connection.

Criteria for 5G Network!

  1. Per unit area should have 1000x bandwidth.
  2. The number of connected devices should be 10 to 100x
  3. End points should have 1Gbps to 10Gbps of connection speed
  4. The network energy usage should be reduced by 90 %
  5. A battery life of 8-10 years for low power, machine-type devices
  6. End-to-end round trip delay should be of one millisecond.
  7. 99.999 % availability (perception)
  8. 100 percent network coverage (perception)

It is said that 4G connections are 5 times faster than normal 3G connections and these are capable of delivering up to 100mbps download speed theoretically. But according to the Vice president of EMEA ‘5G Wi-Fi connections will proof to be 3 times faster than 4G services, starting with a 450mbps single stream connection than going to 900mbps in the double stream and then up to 1.3 Gbps under three streams. This kind of lightning fast downloading speed will provide growth in all smart devices running on the internet.

5G – Advantages and Disadvantages   

5G - Advantages and Disadvantages   With a theoretical download speed of 10000 Mbps, 5G will offer much higher productivity and the ability to run more complex apps running on the internet. However, it is obvious that the implementation of 5G connection will be difficult but newest smartphones will have integrated implementation of such services. Whereas updating old devices supporting 4G services will be a challenge.

Future of 5G networks:                   

Even though it is still under development due to which nobody can use it currently. However, there are companies like Nokia, Qualcomm, Ericsson, etc. who have already formed partnerships for developing 5G enabled devices and will continue their research on manufacturing smart devices running on the 5th generation network