When your existing home technology isn’t performing as it should, it could be time for an upgrade. Unfortunately, buying new can be expensive, and this is not always an option for financially savvy people.

If you are looking to improve your tech without breaking your budget, there are options available. Here are five ways to upgrade your home tech at an affordable price.

1. Buy an Older Model

Do you really need the latest iPhone? Buying a slightly older model can save you a significant amount of money, while still giving you all the features you need. No matter what brand is on your wishlist, there will usually be a cheaper version that you can buy outright.

When you choose an older model tech product but still purchase new, you will have the added benefit of a warranty.

2. DIY Installation

Installation can cause the cost to escalate, but what if you could do this yourself? One example is a home security camera system. Fortunately, there is an alternative to professional installation for budget-conscious individuals.

You have the convenience of online ordering and self-installation, which could potentially save you hundreds of dollars. Even though these home security solutions are DIY friendly, you can still expect a quality system. There are a number of features these systems boast, including Ultra HD 4K resolution, Color Night Vision and smart zoom.

3. Trade It In

You may be able to get a discount on your new tech when you trade in an older model. This is an environmentally friendly initiative as it means any old phones or devices can be recycled, rather than going in the trash. Some companies will give you the option of renting a device, and swapping it with a better model whenever one is released.

Saving money, upgrading your tech and helping the planet are three benefits of trading in.

4. Choose Second Hand

Buying a second-hand tech accessory can be one way to stretch your dollar further and get a bargain. You should be careful when purchasing used, as the history of the product may have an impact on its reliability; for example, if someone has spilled water on their notebook it might have lost some of its longevity.

Do your research to ensure you aren’t paying too much for something that is second hand, and don’t be pressured into making a decision. When you know what you are buying, a pre-loved tech product could be the upgrade you need.

5. Find a Refurbished Version

Refurbished is similar to second hand, but the item is restored to a like-new condition. The best refurbished products are those that come from the manufacturer, such as a television, computer or phone. These products may have been used as display models in-store or trade-ins from previous customers. Often they will come with a short warranty for your peace of mind.

Upgrading Your Home Tech on a Budget

If you are looking to upgrade your home tech, there are a few budget-friendly options. Consider buying an older model or a second-hand device. You can save money with DIY installation, which works particularly well with security camera systems. Alternatively, you may like to trade in your old tech to reduce the price of something new or look for a refurbished option.

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