Do you know what is the biggest problem with going online is? Yes, you guessed it right, it indeed is Ransomware. Today, companies all over the world are getting attacked online with nasty Ransomware from email attachments and websites to remote desktops and unpatched OS!  

Websites are also pirated, and then targeted at perpetrating attacks. And the worst thing is that such attacks will only become more and more creative by the time. This can prove to be the biggest hindrance in the upcoming times as people and businesses are focusing on moving online with their work and commitments. There is the antimalware software that can prevent ransomware but if you are already a victim, only the decryption key can help you.

That is why, here today, we present you 5 ways to protect yourself from Ransomware attacks that you should use and implement ASAP. 

5 Ways to protect yourself from Ransomware attacks

Below given are the 5 best-sorted ways of protecting yourself from Ransomware. If you were not serious about this before, it is time to be now. Read the following given protection methods and your device will be sound for a long time – 

  • Trustful Source  

This is the biggest reason why ransomware can easily enter your device. People usually do not take this seriously because it is tough to recognize a safe and trustful source in this era. But it is something that possesses the highest amount of risk for you. 

Only install trusted apps and software. Keep all of your software and services up to date. Updates often include fixes that hackers can take advantage of through security holes.

So, remember, avoid contacts from an unknown source. 

  • Backup is a MUST

Why is backup important you ask? Simply because it keeps you on a safe side. Suppose if you are attacked by ransomware and the hacker has your data, what can you do? Nothing! backup_stuffHere comes back up into the play. If you have a backup of your data, you can be sure that no data of yours will be stolen and you won’t have any data loss as well. But just make sure that your firewall is strong enough to withhold the ransomware from accessing your data backup. 

  • Pay extra attention to Emails 

As we mentioned above, emails have become a new and simple method of Ransomware attacks. And since people now have a habit of checking emails regularly, it puts them on a risk to get attacked. emails

So, what do you do? Simple, don’t open emails from unknown sources. Another way is to scan all the emails with a good antimalware. 

  •  Strong and Updated Antivirus  

Antivirus is a very good guard of your device for protection from ransomware. You just need to have strong and effective antivirus installed in the device. Having such software that is precise will give you more protection and safety.

Not only that, keep the software updated as well. Since the update in antivirus is much stronger than its previous version. 

  • Educate!!

Awareness is the best protection. If you are fully aware of the threats and if you educate others about this threat, then obviously, they will take more effective steps towards their protection. 

But lack of knowledge will cause you to fall into this dirty trap and you’ll be stuck badly. So, educate your surroundings with the latest technology and IT tools that can protect you from Ransomware. 

Why Need to Worry About Ransomware?  

Ransomware is a type of malware. Although many variants are present, most attacks conceal files of a victim. The hacker then demands a ransom to restore your data and information. These days, hackers usually demand cyber currency so that their footprints cannot be monitored after doing all such menace.

A phishing attack is the most common Ransomware, however, on your computer, Ransomware will find its way in several ways. For instance, an e-mail from a trusted source can be opened by a victim. The e-mail may contain an attachment that you open, only to find out the document attached loaded on your computer. This may cause the ransomware to enter and take control of the system. 

What Problems Can Ransomware Cause? 

As mentioned above, ransomware normally encrypts files of a victim and keeps them hostage until a payment is made. But this black and white aren’t always. There are several things that ransomware can do, depending on the type of system. There are different types of ransomware that have different characteristics and possess different types of threats. 

Like a Scareware that appears like antivirus and even acts like one. After running a few scans on your device, it will show either a pop-up or lock the computer.

Or a Crypto-Ransomware that can be too dangerous as it can go undetected on devices and spread with nothing to stop it. 

There are several other types of ransomware that are there as hackers usually try to come up with new and more serious tactics every time. 


It is always better to prevent a situation than to try to solve a problem. If you’re not prepared for a security threat, you’ll face worse situations. So, keep in mind these 5 ways to protect yourself from ransomware attacks and you’ll be safe and sound. 

Founder, editor, and contributor at Technosoups. Shubham has been a gadget freak since longer than he cares to admit and loves everything to do with technology. He loves to address tech issues​es and write tech how-to's in a way that it can be followed by everyone.