The years spent at a university are rich for bright impressions and interesting activities. This is the time when young people need to do everything in time: to master new skills and remember the enormous scope of information, to learn to live as an independent adult person, to fall in love, to make friends, to enjoy victories over own flaws and to be aware of events that happen both at university and in the world. We bring to your attention a short overview of the most useful mobile apps that will help you cope with all the significant tasks.

apps for students
5 Useful Apps for students!!

1.    Evernote (Android and iOS)

Evernote has two key features. The first is the ability to conduct multimedia notes combining text, photos and audio in them. The created notepad can be transferred to a PC for further processing. Or you may share a link with a classmate who will open it via a browser (like a Dropbox file), even if the Evernote client is not installed. The second feature is synchronization with multiple devices. Versions of the editor were released for i-gadgets, Android, Windows, OS X, BlackBerry and even Windows Mobile.

Evernote can be called a full-text editor with advanced features. You can record the text of a lecture or lesson, accompanying it with photos of slides or blackboard, and also create audio clips with a recorded voice of the teacher, attach PDF files, Office documents, etc.

2.    Penultimate (iOS)

The Penultimate application, produced by the developer of Evernote, is an excellent decision for recording handwritten notes and quick outline ideas. You can write and draw with black or multicolored inks. The search of handwritten text is present (nevertheless, there is no full character recognition here). Sketches are synchronized with Evernote so that they can be viewed on different devices.

The function of the following motion will be useful if you prefer to record lectures on the iPad by hand. The page will move as you write, automatically adjusting to the tempo of the user. At the same time, Penultimate provides protection against accidental contact with a wrist.

There are no Penultimate versions for Android, but the handwriting option has recently been supported by the Evernote Android client.

3.    Coursera (Android and iOS)

Coursera is one of the largest services providing free access to online courses of the world’s leading universities. The project involves more than 100 universities, and its services are used by more than 10 million people around the world. The application is very convenient for the students who receive education independently, because they can study at any convenient place and at any time.

In total, Coursera has collected nearly a thousand courses for a wide range of disciplines: from mathematics and economics to medicine and business. In the online university, students have to do homework, listen to video lectures, make notes, communicate with classmates, and at the end – to prepare a project or to take an exam. Most of the Coursera materials (about 500) are presented in English.

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The mobile application is tightly integrated with users can easily move from computer to smartphone and continue listening to a lecture from the exact point where they stopped last time. Another advantage of an online university is the possibility of obtaining a real certificate of passing the courses.

4.    WolframAlpha (Android and iOS)

This is a kind of pocket reference book “everything about everything”. In particular, a vast database of WolframAlpha is used by voice assistants (for example, Siri). The project founded by scientist Stephen Wolfram about 25 years ago allows to instantly get an answer to almost any question: to find out the weather forecast in a certain city or the unemployment rate for a particular period, to calculate an integral, to build a function graph or to convert dollars into euros.

WolframAlpha’s fields of knowledge include mathematics, geometry, statistics, mechanics, nuclear and quantum physics, chemistry, astronomy, geography, history, culture, music, etc. The only drawback: the program is paid.

5.    Wunderlist for Education (Android)

This is the educational version of the program Wunderlist, one of the most popular task managers. The program allows to share to-do lists with classmates, to create reminders about assignments that need to be performed by a certain date (exam day). In the paid version of the application, it is possible to attach photos, PDFs, documents, video, audio to the lists and to create an unlimited number of subtasks.

Lists can be created not only for yourself and friends. It is also possible to spread them in the public access – for the entire class or course. Any user with whom you shared a link will be able to open notes. The Lightning Sync function instantly updates lists on different devices as their content changes. You can add notes and #tags.

Examples of these apps show that the point of view of some teachers that smartphones distract students from the learning process is not always true. It is worth caring not about the harmful or useful nature of a mobile phone itself, but about the way student uses it. For example, a visit to reliable paper writing service is a much better choice than a waste of time in social networks. Use the accessible tools for 100%, and your grades will always be high. Good luck!

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