Instagram is the most followed social media application, with more than 8 million users active per day. There are a lot of advantages for businesses to promote products and services on Instagram.  However, promotion is insignificant until it is done based on the needs of the followers. While there are numerous articles on buying Instagram followers, it is also essential to keep your followers happy and satisfied. Your followers should be your top priority on Instagram. You must take each and every action concerning your followers on Instagram. A brand’s credibility and popularity are determined on the basis of their follower’s happiness. Today, in this post, we have described 5 best tips to follow to keep your followers happy on Instagram:

Post quality content consistently

The content you post on your Instagram page should be related to your user’s interests. You should post what your followers want to see. Other than that, consistency is the primary thing to gain more likes and comments on your posts. People prefer brands that post regularly and keep on sharing new things on their pages.

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To posts regularly on Instagram, you can use different options for content and use them smartly. However, just posting is not sufficient but posting at the appropriate time is equally important. To analyze what is the best time for you, test posting at different times and evaluate when you are getting the most response from your posts.

Keep engaging your audience

Engagement is another significant factor to consider on Instagram. You should respond to people’s queries on time and reply to each like and comment received on a post. However, it is difficult for you to reply to each and every comment daily; the less you can do is respond to some and appreciate others via stories. Additionally, think of creative ways for generating content on Instagram mainly for your followers. In a day, at least for once, find time to interact with your followers.

To create engagement, ask feedback from your followers and modify your business goals as per them. You can also share the positive feedback on your profile to get more followers and take necessary action for problems and issues addressed by your followers. This will not only help you with a high amount of followers but also some potential leads for your business.

Post regularly on your story

Many people have not taken the right advantage of the Instagram story feature. You can share behind the scenes, products, pictures and people’s feedback on your story. Instagram stories build more engagement when you share a regular update about your business or brand with the customers. Another advantage of sharing on Instagram stories is that you can actually get to know who is engaging with you and what the response is.

In addition to this, you can also conduct a poll through stories asking suggestions from your followers for your upcoming products or content. In this way, you will be able to make better decisions for your business expansion and get potential clients. These people can become your real-time followers and help you achieve your business objectives efficiently and effectively.

Responding to DM

It is crucial to check your messages and regularly reply to them. Your followers should not feel taken for granted. You must reply to each and every DM. It is a great way to personally connect with your followers and communicate with them. Whether it is a compliment, comment or question, keep answering each and everything being asked on DM. This will show your followers that you genuinely care for them.

Use Instagram videos

Video marketing is an amazing way to expand the reach of your business since people prefer watching videos. One of the benefits you can take from videos is that they automatically get the start when scrolling through the Instagram feed. However, it is vital to make your video informative and attractive so that people would wait for last to finish it.

Sharing videos on your profile can help you increase your brand awareness among the larger group of people and get them interested in your products. You can also use stories video for promoting your products and share their benefits with people. Other than this, you can even conduct live videos to interact with your followers directly.

Videos are an excellent tool for building trust and credibility with potential customers. While there are many different types of videos that brands can produce, some of the most popular include product demos, behind-the-scenes footage, and customer testimonials. Business owners who intend to get quicker results and brand recognition invest significant budget to work with the best explainer video production companies as the quality and the success of content is highly dependent on the quality and the visual elements of the content. These companies have far more experience in implementing strategies rather than in-house marketing teams with limited knowledge, experience and equipment.

Final words

Instagram is dominating the marketing world and help the business gain a lot of customers through it. To make the most out of your Instagram marketing, one should be aware of the various ways to keep followers happy and engaged with the brand. The tips described above will allow you to earn real followers on Instagram to boost your business. All you have to do is to keep them happy and think of other creative ways to grab their attention.

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